Are LA Laker's owner Jeanie Buss and boyfriend Phil Jackson, dating since 1999, ever getting married????

HitBerryPublished on   08 Sep, 2015Updated on   16 May, 2021

Jeanie Buss, daughter of Dr. Jerry Buss, the colorful late owner of the Lakers is a successful, smart, gorgeous and warm woman who has risen to the top in the male-dominated world of sports. Phil Jackson, a professional basketball executive, former coach and player, currently serving as president of the New York Knicks. A match made in heaven? Probably!!

But why haven't they tied the knot yet?

The power couple have been a topic of intrigue ever since they started dating in 1999. Tired of the endless scrutiny the couple were put under, Buss finally burst out and said, “We’re just like so many other couples that are bicoastal and trying to figure out when we can spend time together. I don’t think we’re fascinating. We’re not Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.”

And why wouldn't the paparazzi be interested in them? Jackson has taken over basketball operations for the Knicks – a deal which reportedly pays Jackson an annual salary of $12 million for five years. And Buss’ salary isn't known yet, but the Lakers franchise was estimated by Forbes to be worth $1.35 billion. So they are two big players in the NBA.

Their love affair started after Jackson was named head coach of the Lakers. In her 2010 memoir “Laker Girl,” Buss wrote 'There was an immediate spark.' And it did not take too long for Buss to move into Jackson’s Playa del Rey home, which the couple shares with Buss’ beloved Maltese, Princess Cujo.

Then they took their relation to a next level, as Buss got engaged to Jackson during the Christmas holiday in 2012. The happy bride-to-be took to Twitter and posted a photo of the sparkling ring, tweeting, "Twitter family - Phil finally gave me that ring I wanted!"

Later, Buss told " I'm beyond happy. I really didn't want it to be news, but I knew people who followed me on Twitter cared about it and I've been wearing the ring since Christmas, so I figured I should let people know."

Even though Phil has put the ring on her lady, a marriage any time soon is highly doubtful. When asked if she will ever walk down the aisle in an interview with Forbes, Buss said, "I wanted to get married. That’s who I am. Phil is of a generation that probably would have been happier never getting married."

She continued, "He just doesn’t want to get married again; it’s not that he doesn’t want to marry me. It took me awhile to understand that, and I’m fine with it now. We’ve been together for over 10 years."

Again when questioned if they had given a thought to planning a family, Buss contemplated for the right response and said, “I think we are just in a different time frame. If we were eager to start a family, then time is of the essence. But we’re not intending to have children.”

So we do not know if the marriage is still on. The couple have been very secretive regarding the issue. Their love has certainly stood the test of time. But we sure hope to set them walk down the aisle soon!!