Are Karren Brady and husband Paul, who made their daughter work as a teenager, having trouble with their children??

August 3, 2015
First Published On: August 3, 2015
by HitBerry

Having children is such a joyous affair, but as they get older, fights are not rare. Fights between parents and children are not at all rare and this is the situation with Karren Brady and Paul Peschisolido right now. Paul is currently a manager for a Canadian club having been a player himself in the past. As for Karren, she herself is engaged in the game of football. She was the managing director at Birmingham before the club was sold and currently is the vice-chairman of West Ham United football club.

None of the parents have confirmed any news detailing their troubles with children, but if insiders are to believed , their teenage daughter is creating nuisance as the couple often have to scold their daughter. Any confirmations remain to be made however and we believe it is a day-to day problem which almost every family faces.

Her daughter Sophia was in news lately after Brady had said that she was proud that her daughter was working. Although no one believes Sophia worked for the money, Brady is happy that her daughter is doing something useful instead of know..everything except jobs. As she joins the list of many celebrities who feel their children must learn the understandings of a work place, she had the same reasons for sending her daughter to work. Brady wants her daughter to develop an all-round personality so that she is better apt for her future.

Although there has been no reports as to what kind of job Sophia is doing, the job seem to be regular and decent paying. Given Brady worked at a hairdressing company, her daughter may have found work of the same kind. Nonetheless, whatever the job, her husband has said that he will not be paying for her further studies. So, a decent paying job is being speculated.

This is what the mom had to say about her daughter working,

'It helped her realise there is a whole world outside school of different experiences and places.

'It helped her develop her personality, not just academic skills.'

Brady married husband Paul Peschisolido back in 1994 after a few months of dating and gave birth to their first child Sophia in 1996. The couple also have a son Paulo and usually spend their holidays at their holiday home back in Canada. A former Birmingham player, Paul and his wife Brady live in Birmingham.

Full name Karren Rita Brady, she is known as the first lady of football. An avid football fan herself, she is also a sporting executive, politician, television broadcaster, newspaper columnist, author and novelist. Apart from featuring in the BBC One series The Apprentice , she is also working as Small Business Ambassador to the UK Government. After being appointed at Birmingham City Football Club at the mere age of 23, the hottie became the first woman to hold such post in English football. She was appointed vice-chairman of West Ham United following back in 2010 and with an estimated net worth of a whopping $123 million, Brady also writes as a regular columnist for Woman & Home magazine and The Sun. A holder of many awards in the field of business, she remains a very popular figure with around 167K followers on Twitter, a very high number given that her work is not one gaining popularity.