Are David Henrie and Maria Cahill still dating? Is she still his girlfriend or are they just friends??

August 31, 2015
First published on:August 31, 2015
by HitBerry

David Henrie and Maria Cahill have not been doing all their cutesy stuff lately. So are they still dating? The Wizards of Waverly Place actor and his girlfriend, a Miss America contestant and pro-life activist, had been dating since earlier this year. And they had been tagging each other on their Instagram and Twitter accounts and had been photographed various times, including in the red carpet. But it's been almost two months since we have seen anything from the pair.

This social media hiatus might be due to him promoting his new movie, Little Boy. On top of that, Henrie has numerous projects coming up. With four of his movies out this year, one movie set for 2016 and the Ronald Reagan biopic where he plays Reagan, Henrie is up to his neck on work load.

Henrie has also been supporting his brother Lorenzo James Henrie. Lorenzo currently plays Chris Manawa in Fear the walking dead, a prequel to the AMC hit The Walking Dead.

Henrie also skipped out on a date for the Teen's choice awards, instead going with his brother. After the awards, Henrie tweeted out to his fans. He wrote: "Great seeing u guys at the Teen Choice awards… Actually it was so bright I couldn’t see anything but I could hear u loud and clear. Thanks for the support :) love u guys."

But Henrie is not the only one busy with important things. Model and Miss Delaware 2011, Cahill is doing some of her own work too. The 24 year old is an active pro-life and chastity advocate. She often tweets about the cruelties Planned Parenthood imposes upon unborn fetus. Cahill has even spoken about those issues actively. According to her Miss America contestant bio, her primary platform issue was "Drive Safe, Drive Smart." She also wants to obtain a master's degree in Business and communication and hopes to host her own talk show someday. She also actively supports the "bring back the veil" campaign, which attempts to restore tradition in the catholic community.

On her Website, Cahill writes: "I have transitioned from pageants to speaking about the love and mercy of Christ.  I truly believe the way to change hearts is through building relationships with those around me. I know the pressures that young people face because I, myself, face them every day.  My presentations are relatable and down-to-earth and I hope to reach those that find themselves at a crossroad: choosing the world or choosing God."

Whatever the reason might be, neither has talked about their relationship in the past few months. Henrie has, however talked about Selena Gomez, his co-star in Wizards of Waverly Place. When asked about their relationship, Henrie wrote on his Twitter page “Our relationship is good, were still good friends.”

 Maybe Henrie and Cahill are just taking a break while Henrie moves on to doing new movies and posing shirtless for photoshoots and Cahill voices her opinions. Or maybe they are still together and just not updating their social media. Anyways, we hope we have an update on the couple soon because we really like the pairing. 


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