Are Americans Fine with Daylight Saving?

If you are complaining about the Daylight Saving, you are not alone.


You are about to hear a lot of complaints related to Daylight Saving Time and it begins from 11 March 2018.   

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The beginning of Daylight Saving Time started in B.C that means you are losing your 1 hour sleep every day from March – Nov. But you will be able to enjoy the brighter evening for 1 more hour.

Majority of 55% are disturbed by DST. The result was flashed from the 2017 survey of a Princeton Survey Research Associates International Survey. Now 13% of American find DTS as a major disruption.

Indeed, there is informal polling that shows not many crusades for U.S to switch between DTS & standard time. DTS was extended in 2007 and most of the American seems ok with the decision. While 54% found the time switching was actually to reduce electricity consumption by increasing daylight time.

At the same time, 58% of the American didn’t want to extend the daylight hours. This result was the collective decision from all ages, political parties, and regions.

The DTS effect will be seen on Sunday in America and most part of the Mexico including The Bahamas, Caicos, Bermuda, Cuba, and Turks.