Are actress Rachel Luttrell and husband Loyd, married since 2006, planning in having a 3rd child?

August 25, 2015
First published on:August 25, 2015
by HitBerry

According to recent reports, Canadian actress Rachael Luttrell seems to be planning for her next baby!!!

The Canadian actress, who rose to stardom by playing the character of Teyla Emmagan, an Authosian warrior leader on Stargate Atlantis, is very much looking forward to have more children with her better-half. The mother of two, who has an eight year old son Caden with her husband Loyd and a daughter named Ridley, aged around 3, is keen to have more kids added to her family.

The 44 year old actress married stunt performer husband Loyd Bateman in 2006 in a very low-key Church ceremony. The actress and her handsome husband only invited their family and close friends. The wedding was celebrated in a beautiful yet relaxed manner.

The actress and her husband have a bit of an age gap, which is becoming more and more common these days. Luttrell is 44 whereas her husband is seven years younger than her. The couple met through a mutual friend and began dating in 2004. They got engaged following year.

The couple gave birth to their son, Caden, one year after their marriage in Los Angeles, California. The family of three currently lives in Los Angeles and they are very happy together. And if they go through with their plans to have more kids, their happiness might soon be increasing.

The mother of her two kids has been expressing her wishes of having more children for a very long time. In an interview, she was cited saying “I love being with children” and “my kids are my strength.”

Despite being together for more than a year, Luttrell and Bateman seem to be very happy together. According to sources, Loyd is always trying to cheer up Racheal. Luttrell seems to be a lucky lady to have caught herself such a romantic husband. Now, after nine of their marriage things could not be better between them.

According to the actress Luttrell, her husband Loyd is a very caring father who often accompanies their two kids whenever she is busy with her work. So, even if she has more kids, she doesn’t have much to worry about as she can count on her husband for help.

Talking about her husband’s fatherly abilities, she also added that when she was pregnant, Loyd took care of her like a baby and tried to be at home as much as possible. And with the born of Caden, he too became a small kid.

Luttrell real-life pregnancy was written into the fourth season of Stargate Atlantics, where she played the role of Teyla. Her role was praised as she had to do some action sequence in that condition. She did all her stunts with full energy and passion.

Luttrell  has an estimated net worth is $3millions, which shows how successful she has been in her career. She is of White Caucasian ethnicity and has a Canadian nationality. She is very much obsessed being inked. She has got two tattoos. She has a height of 5’4”.She has truly worked hard to maintain her shape. She is very much active on Facebook. 


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