Aramis Knight, age 16, and girlfriend Paris Berelc talk of moving together once they both turn 18

December 5, 2015
First Published On: December 5, 2015
by HitBerry

Young actor, Aramis Knight, aged 16, is on seventh heaven right now. Why??? Let’s find out…

The 16 year old rising star and his girlfriend Paris Berelc have decided to move together once they both turn 18. The actor, born to parents of German, Eastern Indian and Pakistani ancestry, has been showing off his acting skills as the lead character M.K in Into the Badlands. He is just 16 and has not yet come of age and neither has his beautiful girlfriend. But this adorable couple is not in a hurry to be together, which is why they have decided to stay together after they turn 18.

A source close to the hot new teenage couple gave us the exclusive scoop on these two love birds’ future plans. We were able to dig all the entrails regarding their plans with the help of this anonymous source.

The insider revealed that the pair was thinking of moving out together sometime soon, but they decided not to do it after their parents advised them to wait until they were 18. “They are so much in love that they wanted to leave their family just to move in together. But parents of both Aramis and Paris were strongly against their decision.

“They know they are just 16 and it is not the right age for them to move out. They are kids after all. You can’t even drink or purchase alcohol legally until you turn 21, so moving out with a girl is not an easy decision for a boy aged 16, who is not legally an adult. Moving together does not mean just living together, it means taking care of your responsibilities yourself. So, their parents convinced them to wait for another two years before living together,’ added the informant.

It further stated: “So Aramis and Paris have taken their parents suggestion and they are not going to live together until 2017 or may be even. Their family fears that this young love won’t last long and their decision to move together might not be wise. They think the kids are too young to understand the true meaning of love and they might regret their hasty decision, which is why the concerned parents want them to take a few years to decide what to do. Who knows? There relation might or might not work.”

Though the couple has not yet spoken about their plans publicly or in interviews, it looks like they are really very happy and excited to start a new phase of their life together. The Ender’s Game star and the American actress, gymnast, and model from Mighty Med have been dating for quite a long time now. Both of them have bright future in Hollywood with a number of movies under their belt. They are working hard to reach the height of their career.

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