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Apple Martin's brother, Moses Martin loves to hang out with his parents.

March 23, 2016
First published on:March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Apple Martin is the daughter of an English singer, songwriter and musician Chris Martin and mother Gwyneth Paltrow who is an American actress, singer and food writer. Moses Martin is the brother of Apple Martin who is 9 years old now. Moses obviously loves hanging out with his parents. As the parents of Apple and Moses are both in entertainment field, then Moses would love to go ourt with his parents to enjoy such things. Moses is often taken to watch the shows of his father and other friends of their parents.

Moses seems to enjoy the musical programs, that’s why he loves to hang out with his parents. Moses is growing up in such a family which is all into the entertainment field as his mother is an actor and father is a singer. Then there is a greater chance of Moses to be a successful singer or writer in the coming future. The influence of his family may surely lead him towards the field of entertainment. The 9 years old Moses already enjoys the musical events and the parties where he is taken by his parents.

Without any doubt it is clear that Moses loves to hang out with his parents and he enjoys the entertainment environment where he is born.

Apple and Moses are both now in their schools and they might be good students who study well.

As the children are from celebrity parents, their friends are mostly the children of celebrity too. Recently, she posted a picture of Apple and Blue Ivy Carter, who is the daughter of Beyonce and JayZ and she is four years old. The picture of them holding hand was posted in Instagram by Gwyneth and captioned it ‘#superbowl50 jacket game' which she referred to their sartorial choices.

The children were there with there with their parents to support Chris Martin and Beyonce at Super Bowl 50. The two kids Apple and Blue Ivy were heading towards the show holding each other hand sharing a great bond of friendship.

The image which was posted by Gwyneth in the Instagram shows the girls bringing their fashion A-game, with Apple supporting a navy and turquoise bomber with black and white stars across the shoulder- which might be a special greeting to her father’s famous hit A Sky Full of Stars.

Chris Martin and Gwyneth married in December 2003. Apple was born May 14, 2004 in London and Moses was born on April8, 2006 in New York.

The celebrity children Apple and Moses are obviously very much happy to hang out with their parents and are enjoying their early childhood.

Their financial condition is sound to enjoy their life as the estimated net worth of celebrity couple is millions of dollars. We wish a better future for Apple and Moses.