Apple Car, Project Titan rumors and expected features

HitBerryPublished on   19 Apr, 2016Updated on   24 May, 2021

Google Car when launched, Apple was questioned whether there is a plan or a project that competes or not; in which Apple did not comment, Who would have guessed that Apple Car is being built secretly! A research conducted for several months gave rose to several thoughts, “When will the Apple Car be launched?” or “How does the new Apple car looks like?” The rumour of “Project Titan” hit the market when Apple was rumoured to hire some CEO and employees of a top car manufacturer.

The Apple Car named as Titan is a project ostensibly undertaking research by Apple Inc. It is not a confirmed project, but ample of employees have been working for the project. The Apple Car project was approved by CEO Tim Cook, 2014 and was assigned to Vice-President Steve Zadesky, a former Ford engineer. But, Zadesky left Apple for some personal reasons. Repeatedly, Apple was rumoured to hire Johann Jungwirth, former CEO of Mercedes-Benz; North America. Apple never commented about plans of building an electric car.

The Titan Project is still in a loop, as all news is rumours and Apple didn’t deny it. To know the significant rumours and talks, also questions about the Apple car, this is your stop.

Apple Concept Car

Apple hiring Electric Charging Station Specialist

Apple has not confirmed, not even denied the rumours of the new car; but as of news, Apple is still analyzing charging station for electric cars. The conversation with such charging stations denied commenting about Apple works.  The great Apple Inc. is rumoured to hire four specialists along with ex-Google and BMW employees (Reuters).

Apple – Tesla Relation

Apple was rumoured to hire the Vice President of Tesla Motors, Chris Porritt. The news is yet to be confirmed by Tesla or Apple (might be the reason for secrecy), conversely the Titan Project needs a new leader as the project chief Zadesky left Apple in January. Chris is hired by Apple to work on a special project (Electrek).

Titan Project Site

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote that Apple employees were spotted in Germany. The group of engineers, specialists, developers were spotted in Berlin; while the exact location has not been disclosed. It’s shocking as for starting a project elsewhere, the project must be permitted by country’s government. So, Apple is building a car in Europe?

Prototype Testing Area

Apple Inc. is searching for a place where the prototype could be tested. The Google car was tested in San Francisco Bay Area, and Apple is searching for Bay Area for the final test. The recent leak (not so sure) was an indoor test. Apple’s interest in electric cars is serious, and might venture with other small companies for testing to maintain secrecy.

iMove Concept Car

Apple Car Rumoured Features

The Titan project is still in developing phase. The full plan and blueprints are still to be made. In such situation, the company is doing nothing but research. The company is not just developing the blueprints, but also might be copying the projects till date. The car might be with better electric mileage (Tesla), autonomous driving capability (Tesla) and also one smart car (Google) combined.

Bloomberg suggested Apple include autonomous driving while The Wall Street Journal confined the theory. The car could come with more features than the old autonomous concepts. Who might know, if Apple is working on Flying Cars like Larry Page to invest secretly on such cars?

The alpha and beta version of Apple car may be simple, with iCloud and OS integrated like AliBaba Group concept car and some minor tweaks. But the car to be built on 2019 might take advantage of auto-driving.

Apple Prepared for Domains?

The Apple Brand domains are hard or impossible to find now. The company registered category based domains in 2015 being prepared for the automotive. The domains include, and These domains are vacuum till date without any information. These domains might be related to CarPlay, but the official Apple website already includes its page. Apple might be reserving these domains for future!

Apple’s Project Titan Employees Recruitment

Apple started the project Titan with few employees, but in time the employees scored millennium. Apple is being careful in recruiting employees, analysing their field of interest. The employees hired till date is from the field of electric or hybrid cars, initiative car manufacturers, tech experts and specialists. Also, the researchers on alternative power sources are recruited for the work.

Apple formed a team including people from Tesla, Ford, BMW, GM, Mercedes-Benz and other small companies like MIT Motorsports, Concept Systems, and general Dynamics. Apple hired David Nelson, ex-mechanical engineering and John Ireland from Tesla. The senior CNC programmer Mr Masiukiewicz joined Apple, to develop prototypes let’s suppose.

Apple Concept Car

Apple also hired few employees from A123 Systems which is one small battery specialising company working for electric cars. Also, two Ford engineers and General Motors engineers were hired. It seems Apple is focusing more on powerful electric cars, rather than making it smarter. Google and Tesla already made their approach in powerful battery and smart car thus might be a bit high competition. Apple also hired experts and specialists, engineers and researchers to innovate a new car, that could leave Google and Tesla cars behind.

When Zadesky left Apple in January, Apple project was freeze temporarily. Still, Apple is finding new competencies and people to further move the project Titan.

What would be Apple Car Market Price?

Apple Car Fans mentioned the cost could be around $75000 similar to the price of Tesla Models. Apple has not yet announced the car; it’s impossible they would mention its cost! The competitors like Tesla Model S and Model 3 are priced $73000 around.

Apple Car Rumoured Release Date?

The Titan concept car is expected to be released in 2019 or prior 2020. The rumoured car would be entering the automotive market as the ultimate mobile computing device from Apple. The Wall Street Journal described the titan car as an electric car with or without autonomous driving ability to be unveiled in 2019. However, The Sydney Morning Herald says the production of a car would be starting in 2020.

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