Ant Man star David Dastmalchian talks about past drug addiction, married life with wife Evelyn Leigh and his infant son

HitBerryPublished on   23 Dec, 2015Updated on   20 May, 2021

David Dastmalchian, the computer whiz from Ant- Man, recently opened up about his past troubles with drug addiction and also his married life with Evelyn Leigh and his son.

In a recent interview David confessed that he was a full time heroin addict and lived in a car. There also came a time when he was hospitalized due to excessive drug use. He says that as a drug addict, he found himself to be very selfish and only concerned about his needs, whatever the situation.

However, he has said that he battled the addiction and turned the selfishness to hope and redemption for himself. After living as a drug addict for five years, David finally got clean. He has said that after leaving college with a degree and using his acting abilities to earn money, all he wanted was to take drugs.

He says his awakening came in an unusual manner. His perspective just seemed to change focus and after going through tremulous times, he finally let go of his addiction. Today, having been clean for almost nine years now, David has a beautiful wife and a young son.

He has also said that now all of his attention and focus is on his family, especially his son. He added that he would never go back to being a drug addict. He has also said his wife Evelyn has been a constant supporter and a source of inspiration for him to pursue his goals.

David also said that his new found drug is his son and he would do anything he could for the little guy. He wants his son to be a better person than he was. He wants his boy to never have to go through the experiences he went through.

He and his wife Evelyn have been married for a couple of years now. David has said that when they were dating and he did not have much to provide, Evelyn (who at the time was his girlfriend) did all she could to support him. She also worked multiple jobs and kept believing in him, which in turn pushed him to chase after success.

David is a professional actor, writer and director. He has been having great success in his career. His movie” Animals“ has been the recipient to multiple awards. He also starred in Marvel’s "Ant- Man and his character was much loved ones by the fans.

He was also featured in “Chronic” which released earlier this year. He received favorable reviews for his acting. In the area of TV series, he recently featured in “CSI: Cyber”. He is currently working on an undisclosed independent project that he hopes to screen in prominent film festivals in 2016.

David is fairly popular on social media. However, he is not a regular user and seldom posts fresh feeds online. His net worth remains undisclosed.