Annabel Bowlen and Pat Bowlen's Family and Children, who's taking over 'Denver Broncos?'

HitBerryPublished on   03 Nov, 2017Updated on   29 Apr, 2021

Pat Bowlen, the owner of the Denver Broncos, the national football league, is married to his then-girlfriend Annabel Bowlen for a long time. They have been living happily together along with five of their children since many years.

Keep on scrolling if you wanted to know everything in detail about their marital relationship and family including their sons and daughters.

As the owner of Denver Broncos is growing old day by day and has already reached 74 years of age, people are starting to wonder which of Pat’s children are about to take over Broncos.

However, it is also heard that among the five children, three of the children have stopped working for Broncos. Eager to know who is going to take over Denver Broncos?  

Annabel Bowlen and Pat Bowlen’s married life

Behind everyone’s success, there is always someone who has been doing their best to help. Today, we have a similar case of Pat Bowlen, a successful man. Annabel Bowlen has a huge place in making Pat one of the richest personalities in today’s world. The couple has been married for decades but their marriage details are not publicized anywhere in the media. 

Pat Bowlen with his beloved life Annabel Bowlen

Pat Bowlen with his beloved life Annabel Bowlen, Source: eceleb

Annabel Bowlen never fails to praise her husband. Every now and then she keeps on telling that she finds herself very lucky for being Pat Bowlen’s life. Even though Pat suffered from Alzheimer’s, their love for each other seems to be very strong. Talking about the Alzheimer’s, recently on September 2017, Bowlen’s family were leading Denver Walk to end Alzheimer’s.

At a training camp practice on July 30, 2017. Source: Denver Broncos

A long-lasting relationship needs understanding, passion as well as a love for each other. The couple first met in Edmonton, Canada while Pat had already been a successful attorney and Annabel was working as a school teacher. 

Then, they started seeing more of each other. It didn’t take long for the couple to turn their relationship into a marriage. This was Pat’s second and a successful marriage. Currently, the duo is living happily together and has strong bonding. 

Pat Bowlen’s Children, which one of them is taking over Denver Broncos?

Pat and Annabel together have three daughters and two sons. Christianna, Annabel, Brittany, Patrick, and John. Pat also has two other daughters with his ex-wife Sally Parker, named as Jane Beth Bowlen Wallace and Anie Bowlen.

Patt Bowlen's children standing in front of his status

Patt Bowlen's children standing in front of his status, Source: celeb

Four of Pat’s children has worked at Denver Broncos, John, Brittany, Jane, and Patrick. This leaves us the question of who is going to take over Broncos after their father? However, three of them are no longer working there. So who is going to take over? 

Currently, only Patrick is involved in Broncos working as a facilities coordinator with the management company of the team’s stadium. So, most probably, Patrick will be the one taking over Broncos in the near future, but who knows right?