Anna Friel still in love with ex-boyfriend David Thewlis, talks about her dating life and failed relationships

HitBerryPublished on   13 Sep, 2015Updated on   09 May, 2021

Anna Friel’s love relationships are pushing daisies lately. The Pushing Daisies actress has been dubbed as one of the unluckiest people in show biz when it comes to love. The actress, aged 39, has been in several high profile relationships in the past. But very few of them succeeded. If we open up our eyes, we can see a pretty long list of ex-lovers in Friel’s life.

She dated English actor, singer and television presenter, Darren Dayfrom 1994 to 1997. She later hooked up with English singer and songwriter Robbie Williams in 1997. The relationship lasted for less than a year. She then started going out with the Academy Award winner Christian Bale for a year from 1998 to 1999. Despite several heart breaks, there was no looking back for the actress. She kept searching for her soul mate and finally she met Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix in 1999. But again, unfortunately, her dreams shattered along with their break-up. She moved on and started dating Captain America star Chris Evans in 2000. After that, she fell in love with Irish singer and songwriter Gavin Friday, whom she dated from 2000 to 2001. It was only after her break-up with Friday that she found her soul-mate the Harry Potter star, David Thewlis.

They started dating in 2001. The unlucky actress found someone with whom she could share her life. All was well between the couple. They even have a daughter named Gracie together. Her fans had thought that finally Anna had found her life partner. But her happiness lasted only for ten years. The couple split in 2010. Unlike all the rumors about David being Anna’s husband, they were not married.

After their break-up, the unlucky-in-love actress raised their daughter herself. The Land of the Lost star dated Welsh actor and musician Rhys Ifans from 2011 to 2014. But there was something between Thewlis and Friel relationship that still existed, which made it impossible for the actress to sustain a long love affair with her beau.

The actress in a recent interview with an online magazine, revealed how difficult it was for her to cope with all the bullsh*ts going on about her. She said that she always wanted a steady and perfect love life which she never had. She revealed how her ten years with actor Thewlis had been the best part of her live because it was then when she found true love in him.

She said: “I have dated many men in my past but no one like David. There was something about him that made me feel ‘yes he is the one’.”

“I have a daughter with him and Gracie is itself a living proof that David and I really loved each other,” she admitted.

“No matter how many people I date, David will always be the first person who I have poured my heart into. I am not ashamed to admit that I still love him and he knows that too. We might not be together but we are still close friends,” she added.

“He is a very good father. We have been raising Gracie together. I really feel proud of him,” she said praising her former boyfriend.

 Reports say that she is currently single. She is pretty active on Twitter and Instagram and has been promoting her new NBC show American Odyssey where she has been cast as the lead role of Sergeant Odelle Ballard.