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Anna Chancellor talks about her TV shows, movies and plays.

April 6, 2016
First published on:April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

The English actress Anna Chancellor talked about her TV shows, movies, and plays. Hmm… Interesting!

The actress spilled beans over her cameos in Downton and her play ‘The Wolf From the Door’.

“Local hobby groups shall rise up and reclaim their country from the political elite; Morris dancers will attack town halls; the WI shall be kitted out with sniper rifles, and flower arranging classes will stockpile Semtex. It is to be, well, a very British revolution”, she said and now that’s the vision of the play.

‘The Wolf from the Door’ at the Royal court in London is surely sharp, funny and angry. It really stands by its promise to give an audience the one hell of an entertaining hour.

The play has already won ‘Mullarkey the George Devine award for most promising playwright’. On the top of that, the role of actress Anna as Lady Catherine is like the cherry on the top. Lady Catherine is an aristocrat who recruits a young boy Calvin Demba to help her lead an armed insurrection.

The actress shares how she first felt when she read the script about her romance on stage with her opposite Peter Capaldi.

“Well … I thought …. What the f***?”, she said.  The conversation with her was full of pregnant pauses, meandering musings all the punctuations all over the place.

According to Chancellor, the play definitely would not bore the audience. “It’s very horrible for an audience to be bored. But because I don’t think they’re going to be bored, I think it will be fine; they might be angry, irritated, or they might love it,” she said.

She further added, “I could imagine men being really irritated by it”. Guys! Were you really irritated by the play?

Besides, plays and movies, she shared her opinions on how young people are cracked and crooked. She showed her aggravation towards how the society still runs under male dominance especially in sports.

“Some young people are incredibly politically activated and knowledgeable, and a lot are caught up with just being incredibly vain … I think young people have become quite straight.”  And the male bias in sports coverage: “It’s 99 percent about men. I mean, fuck them? What happens if you had a really athletic daughter?”, she said.

Oh well, that’s all about it.

Not to forget, she also talked about the tv show Downton Abbey.

She said her Downton stint is a bit of a naughty one. One of her dialogue followed “I’ve had loads of relationships with young men – isn’t that funny?” and that she said with a twinkle. She said there ends the sneaky peak and that declares her naughtiness.

Now let’s move a little toward her personal life. Chancellor is married to Redha Debbah in 2010. She has only one child, Poppy Chancellor. Her net worth is undisclosed.