Ann Curry and husband Brian Ross on the verge of a divorce???

Ann Curry and her husband Brian Ross are college sweet hearts who have been together since they first met in college. They have remained inseparable till date. Both Ann and Brian have had successful careers in journalism. Ann is dubbed to be the most popular female journalist in America and Brian is known for his thorough investigative journalism.

Recently there were speculations within the industry suggesting that Amy and Ross were going through a rough patch and were on a verge to getting a divorce. However, the couple have responded to this rumor jointly by saying “We did not know we were headed for divorce”.

Ann and Brian are the perfect example of a happy couple and have been seen together many times accompanying each other time and again to functions and ceremonies.

When Ann and Brian married remains a mystery as the couples were married away from media attention in secrecy.  Ann and Brian have two children out of their marriage, one daughter and one son named Mckenzie and William Walker Curry Ross. They have kept their family life away from media attention as much as they can.

Ann and her husband have been seen at times taking their children to work on take your child to work day. Amy and Ross have also been seen at times with their children shopping in upper Manhattan in New York for Christmas.

Ann, like many prominent journalists, began her career as an intern and climbed her way up to being the best there is.  Ann received recognition early on in her career and before making it to a major company already had two Emmy awards to her name.

Due to her ever increasing fame, NBC hired her in the early 90’s and Curry was part of the corporation for over 25 years. She eventually had fallout with the Board of directors of the corporation relating to her show “Today “and decided to quit this year. Ann sued the corporation and the company and made an off court settlement, which saw the return of Amy to NBC. She also joined the team of MSNBC.

Curry has just released a press statement that she will be leaving NBC news and starting her own multi platform media start up.  The startup will begin to function as early as February 2016. Curry has been keeping busy till then by interviewing and conducting major news as an independent journalist for major news corporations like CNN, BBC and Aljazeera.

Most recently, Curry got to do an exclusive interview with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif about the Iran Nuclear talks, which had the whole world’s attention for many months and continues to do so.

Ann is already 58 years of age and has a long and purposeful career. Ann is reportedly the highest paid female journalist in the USA with her salary ranging from 1 to 1.4 million yearly. Her net worth is an estimated $15Million.

Ann is also the most followed female journalist in the world with over 1.58Million followers on Twitter alone. She can be followed under the username @AnnCurry.