Angela Simmons is pregnant. But who's the baby's Father? Who is her secret husband known as mystery fiancee?

HitBerryPublished on   21 Sep, 2016Updated on   27 May, 2021

With no doubt, many of the Hollywood stars are very much secretive when it comes to their personal life issues. But when we talk about Angela Simmons she keeps her personal life way mysterious than other celebs. Nevertheless, she recently revealed news of her being pregnant with her first child. So who is the father of the baby inside the womb of Angela? Why has Angela kept the priceless information away from her fans?

Angela Simmons now slowly seems to be open about her relationships of her life. Lately, Angela has posted pictures in Instagram mentioning as the baby shower photo with her husband. She kept the identity of her husband unrevealed for so long. We came to know that her husband name is Sutton Tennyson just a few months ago. That was after she announced their engagement and their expectancy of having their first baby boy.



Another day .. Another city ??

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No one had known anything of Angela Simmons her husband until she confirmed as Sutton is the one. As soon as she posted the picture on Instagram it went viral just in few minutes. The picture of Angela and Sutton undoubtedly seems adorable and we can guess that they are happy being with each other.


Sutton Tennyson was said to be on spotlight due to his criminal activities back in April. It was when Angela Simmons announced their engagement. During 2000, Sutton was detained quite a lot because of carrying a concealed gun. He even has been arrested for credit forgery, theft, drugs, and many other issues.

Many people have claimed Sutton unsuitable person for Angela to be her life partner. But looking at her and seeing the joy of being a mother for the first time, we hope that her happiness  will remain forever. And she will have the great pleasure of being a mother.