Andy Bassich Single or Married? Know in Detail About his Affairs and Relationship Status

The dog sled driver, Andy Bassich is a famous Alaskan musher who was previously married but, currently is independent of any love affairs.


As being a famous personality of the Hollywood, many of us know Andy by his hard work and dedication but the question is, how many of us know about his personal life. What made Andy Bassich to end his relationship with his wife, Kate. Know all about his unsuccessful married relationship in this article.

Andy Bassich Relationship Status

An American TV personality, Andy Bassich is currently living his life single but in his past, he was married to wife Kate Bassich. Before knowing about the sad ending of his relationship, let’s start with how Andy and Kate met each other and got married?

[ CAPTION: Kate Bassich with Andy Bassich ][ SOURCE: wikicelebinfo ]

Although being a famous person in the Hollywood industry, Andy has a different love story from other stars. Kate isn’t an Alaskan native. The couple first met each other in Dawson City, Alaska in 2003. Andy was working as a captain in Yukon riverboat and Kate came as a tourist. They met and began their love story.

[ CAPTION: Andy and Kate Bassich ][ SOURCE: Eceleb Gossip ]

After dating each other for some months, the couple tied a knot. The couple was living their married life very happily but all of the public were shocked when the couple announced about their separation in 2015 through the TV series, Life Below Zero. After their separation news, the couple legally divorced a year later in 2016.

Why did Andy Bassich divorce his wife, Kate Bassich?

Many of Andy’s fans and followers were shocked after listening about the separation with his wife after ten years. The couple seemed to be very happy with each other but why did they suddenly split?

[ CAPTION: Andy Bassich with Kate Bassich ][ SOURCE: National Geographic Channel ]

After all of the research, we came to know that the reason for Andy’s and Kate’s separation was just because of the physical abuse and mental torture gave by Andy to his wife. In an interview with some tabloids, Kate stated that she tried very hard to save her relationship. Kate tried to guide Andy towards the right track. However, things didn’t turn out perfectly for her. Hence, she was obligated to end the 10 years long relationship.

After the divorce of Kate and Andy, Kate left Alaska and never came back even once. To this day, Andy is living his life as a single guy.