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Android Launchers vs Custom ROM

April 18, 2017
First published on:April 18, 2016
by John

Why Android Launchers are better than Custom ROM in Smartphone?

Using Android Launchers is a great way of customizing your phone. Launchers with various wallpapers, themes, icons, gestures and widgets gives better essence to your phone than the essence from stock android UI or company level UI [User Interface]. Android Launchers are also one alternative using Custom ROM as they provide more features and less problematic condition for your phone.

The huge smartphone companies thus started building stock UI to encourage using launchers than switching to Custom ROM. Asus, LG, HTC, Sony and other companies have their built-in UI system through which people can change icons, the whole theme, add gestures and customize their home screen. Samsung in contrary, do not provide add-in features but applies Touch wiz UI in every phone.

Custom ROM and Android Launchers Difference

Custom ROM are open source OS, that could be installed in your phone after rooting. Custom ROM are easily augmentable as it adds deep tweaks and improve the performance of the phone. Also, people switch to custom ROM as it provides further Android updates and changes whole UI.

Most Popularly Used Custom ROMs

  • CyanogenMod 12
  • Slim ROM
  • Omni ROM
  • Pac ROM

Android Launchers in contrary are apps that install on your root device. It does not help in the tweaking system as a whole, it simply represents UI you interact with. After installing, Android Launchers works as UI replacing stock UI you had before. The replacement is temporary; you can revert to original UI at the time you want. Of course, launchers do not change notification and quick panel and also no change in setting UI and system core. It is just like wearing clothes.

Most Popularly Installed Android Launchers

  • Google Now Launcher
  • Smart Launcher Pro 3
  • Z Launcher
  • Zen UI
  • Apex Launcher
  • Hola Launcher
  • Nova Launcher

Android Launchers better than Custom ROM, Why?

  • Root Access

For Custom ROM to be installed, you must root your device. By rooting, it means giving the access to the root system through which you can create, modify and regenerate new developer tweaks. When you provide root access, there is a chance of system being fluctuated and your phone might be slow.

But for android launchers to work, you do not need to provide root access as they are installed through Google Play and installed directly to your system UI.

  • Core System Tweaks

When you install Custom ROM on your phone, you get more of core system tweaks. These tweaks may include RAM enhancer, Storage Optimizer, and also System Theme. But, the non-flagship and rarely flagship phone might lose their real features added by the manufacturer. The features like Fingerprint Sensor, Additional privacy features, and system-inbuilt settings might get missed.

But, for android launcher, you will be just using the system with different customized UI; not a single feature gets missed. It’s up to you whether you want those features or not.

  • Warranty

The phone manufacturers provide warranty which gives certain relief for users. But the warranty gets void when you install Custom ROM on your device. Also, your device might get bricked while installing ROM on your device.

The android launchers in opposing do not void your device warranty. The launcher is simply one app which includes permission to work with the compatible devices.

  • Bugs and Glitches

Custom ROM comes with bugs and glitches. It’s not like the bug will enter when the ROM is being installed, they begin to act when your system is fully installed. Bugs and Glitches appear in the form of features not working, slow rendering animation, high storage consumption, worse battery backup, and low working capability.

In the case of Android launchers, surely the system will slow down; also sometimes the launcher might stop in time, but the glitches like that would never appear.

  • Worth of Use

Before installing Custom ROM on your device, first think; is it worth of experimenting or not? Custom ROM surely have benefits, but what about its limits? You must be able to question yourself beforehand. If you are an android geek, it’s not a problem.


Custom ROMs are surely a better way to get system up-to-date but not the sure-shot way of upgrading your device. If the device manufacturer is upgrade-oriented, you will surely get future updates. Why rush for the custom ROM then? Be sure of yourself, and consider these reasons before switching to custom ROMs.

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