Andrew Cuomo, his ex-wife, Kerry Kennedy and why they got divorced.

April 5, 2016
First Published On: April 5, 2016
by HitBerry

Everyone is aware of the drastic change in the married life of popular American politician Andrew Cuomo.

Back in 2005, Cuomo ended his fifteen years old marital relationship with human rights activist wife Kerry Kennedy.

Several rumors and gossips were raised on their divorce issues.

It took Andrew nine years  to   point out the exact reasoning behind his divorce. Eventually in late 2014,he published a biography The Contender. It is said to be the untold back-story of Andrew Cuoma and Kerry Kennedy Union and the coupling and decoupling of two American families.

The marriage of the American politician was held on June 9, 1990, after few months of Andrew's proposal to Kerry on Valentine's Day. Their marriage was held in St. Matthews Cathedral in Washington D.C. Together they have three children- Cara, Mariah, and Michaela Cuomo.

According to, Tensions in the Cuomo family started through the 1990s.Andrew was busy in his work. Kerry started feeling weighted down by the heavy load of responsibilities of three young daughters.

Despite their personal issues, Kerry supported her husband in his first ill-fated campaign for the governor of New York.

The campaign made Kerry confident about his husband that he would make a good governor. She kept her problems with husband Andrew strictly personal and never did she let down his professional career.

But as a wife and a mother, she wanted Andrew to spend more time with his family with love care and support to which Andrew did not agree.

Despite his brutal behavior towards wife and family, Kerry lived up being at the side of Andrew throughout the campaign, not letting anyone find a gesture of their true state of marriage.

But eventually the campaign failed and Andrew asked Kerry to live a little longer with him for his works.


Not only that, DailyMail reveals that Andrew was a kind of an isolated man who would prefer living alone.

According to the site, Douglas Kennedy (Kerry's brother) said on one occasion, when the Kennedys spent a night partying and singing, Cuomo stood by 'looking disgusted'. Douglas also described Cuomo as a 'bully' who thought many members of his wife's family as weak or 'political'. 

Andrew's rude behavior towards Kennedy family was letting Kerry down.

Ruthless to the in-laws was not only the reason for their split. The harbored ill-behavior between the couple on little things also was the cause, the book claims.


But the breaking point for Kennedy, according to Shnayerson, came when Cuomo confronted her for having an extra-marital affair with polo player Bruce Colley.

After thing became unbearable for Kerry, she demanded a divorce in September 2011.

Since their marriage, the couple has been living under misunderstandings and quarrel. It is mainly pointed out as Andrew's ruthless behavior to Kerry and the in-laws.