Andrea Bocelli to sing for Leicester as part of their victory celebration.

May 5, 2016
First Published On: May 5, 2016
by HitBerry

Opera icon Andrea Bocelli will be singing for the Premier League title winners Leicester City on Saturday, May7th. He wanted to show as a gift to fans and players for their win and hard work they have put through it all.

The Italian Opera Icon, Bocelli will perform at the King Power Stadium before the game against Everton at which Leicester will be presented with the Premier League trophy.

A source for Mirror claimed, "Andrea was thrilled. He’s impressed with their story and knows it’s a landmark in football history." He will change the title of Time To Say Goodbye to Time To Win Again.

Bocelli will perform as a personal favor to his fellow Italian Claudio Ranieri, Leicester’s title-winning manager.

Everyone looks excited about the show and the historical win for Leicester city, can you believe, the tickets were sold out in 6 minutes!


There is more to the match, the ‘Ice Kings’ - the Leicester side who narrowly missed out on the title in 1963 - will be presented to the crowd at half-time.