Andi Peters Gay Rumour?? Boyfriend/girlfriend or any affairs. His fans wanna know

December 8, 2016
First published on:December 8, 2016
by HitBerry

The former Nineties children’s television presenter Andi Peters has arrived at our television screen building up his body and looking more sexier than ever. So, after he showed up on a show on ITV whole British media started buzzing about his sexuality once again. The former child show host has returned to the TV world with a sexier and attractive version of himself.

So, Today we will discuss all about his sexuality because we know there are a lot of Female fans who are sweating over his new looks as well as a lot of single deserving boys who want to be with him if in any case, he turns out to be gay. So, fans hold your breath for the sexy man in British television world Andi Peters.

Let's unzip Andi's Sexual Orientation

It is always weird for people to be stuck on a question about any one's sexuality rather than for the job he does. The famous TV personality was first introduced to the world of children where he learned some feminine gestures to please the children and that became his statement. 

But, so far he has been seen with both male and female friends completely fitting into their company. What does this mean? Is he asexual? Well, the gestures and his love for feminine colored dress points towards him being gay but at the same time his masculine body, heavy workouts, and daring habit speaks out loud at his straight orientation.

Caption:Andy appeared in a bare body photo shoot for a charity show

The star shows host when showed his arms on a picture, one of his friend and a TV journalist Susanna Reid got totally blown away and tweeted about it as well. The tweet was funny but it certainly shows that he has pretty close female friends which a Gay person usually has. And on the same note, the straight male guy can also have some pretty good female friends which we all accept.



Note: This is a totally friend's zone comment passed by Garraway to her long term friend Andy and has nothing to with Andy and Kate. There is nothing going on between this two TV personality.

Then, what is the fuss all about?

The whole thing is all about Andi Peters not being seen with one suspect regardless of his/her sexual orientation to be pointed out as his partner. So, if you are hot as hell and as famous someone like Andy it's nothing new to be pointed about your activities, because the world is watching whatever you do. 

So, the fans are desperately searching for some clues other than his gesture to prove him gay. But, so far it looks like the TV show host has managed to keep it away from the eyes of his fans and admirers. Well done Andy!, dailymail, express, twitter,

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