Anders Holm, age 34, and wife Emma Nesper expecting a second child? Plans of having even more children in the future

HitBerryPublished on   06 Jan, 2016Updated on   02 May, 2021

Anders Holm, aged 34, and his wife Emma Nesper might be expecting their second child, rumor has it. 

Yes people! A source close to the American actor, comedian and writer has revealed that the funny man and his dearest wife are expecting yet another child in the house. The insider, who claims to know a lot of ‘inside’ information about the couple and their family, said that the Workaholics star and his better half were all ready to become parents one more time. The source further claimed that the couple was not only having their second child, but they were also planning to have more children in future. 

The source said: “Anders and Emma are expecting their second child. You won’t believe how happy they are. The couple is over the moon right now. 

“They always wanted to have a lot of children, so Emma’s pregnancy did not come as a surprise to the couple or their families. They had been planning for the baby from quite a long time and Anders is happy that his wife is pregnant,” added the insider further. 

The informant also added: “Anders is a funny guy and we all know that. He loves to throw pranks and make a fool out people, especially his relatives and family members. So when he gave this piece of good news to his and Emma’s families, nobody believed him. Everybody, including his friends and closed ones, were like, ‘This must be one of his pranks’. They were not ready to believe that Emma was actually pregnant and they were only convinced when Emma herself told them.”

“Anders and Emma are on seventh heaven and they have started making all the plans for their little bundle of joy that is yet to be born”

Talking about the sex of the unborn child, the informant said that happily married couple wanted to keep it a secret until the child was born. “They want to keep the sex of the baby a secret until he or she is born. It will be a surprise for everyone, from their closed ones to their fans,” stated the gossip monger. 

According to the anonymous source’s information, the couple will announce the news of Nesper’s pregnancy once Emma starts to seriously show her baby bump.

The creator of the Comedy Central show Workaholics married Nesper, his girlfriend from college days, in September 2011. Their first child, a son, was born on December 2013. You must remember, how this comedian announced the birth of his child. 

Holm shared a funny video of his newborn son with equally funny caption that read: “Lay off me, I'm starving... for t*tties.” 

In the video, the soon to be elder brother was seen in brown and grey pyjamas crying loudly. And we are all sure that this humorous yet proud father will announce the birth of his second child in equally comic fashion (wink).

Anders moved to Los Angeles after his graduation with a dream of achieving name and fame in the show biz. The actor/comedian has been able to accumulate a net worth $3 million dollars via his appearances in several movies and TV shows.