Ana Serradilla reveals the reason behind her divorce with husband Hector Samperio, happy with new boyfriend

December 5, 2015
First published on:December 5, 2015
by HitBerry

Mexican actress Anna Serradilla has finally spoken to the media about what caused her recent divorce. The actress was married to Hector Samperio from 2011 to 2014. The two decided that it was in their best interest for both of them to part ways. They separated in December of 2014 and got a divorce.

Rumors have it that the main reason Serradilla got divorced with her husband Samperio was their view on where their relationship was supposed to go. Serradilla, who is 39 years of age, reportedly wanted to wait for a little longer to start a family, while her husband wanted to have a child right away. This difference in opinion is considered one of the main reasons behind their divorce.

Serradilla has also accused his former husband of being a terrible person in her recent interviews. She slammed him stating that he had no respect for what the other person think. It is impossible to spend the rest of your life with someone who takes your opinion with very little regard. But, she has also stated in her interviews that she will always remain friends with her former husband no matter what.

The two were married after spending more than a year as girlfriend and boyfriend. They were considered to be an unlikely couple by the media at the time. However, Anna Serradilla had defended her relationship with Samperio stating that he was what was best for her at the moment.

But finally the magic that Serradilla thought existed between the two wore off towards the end of 2014. The couple had lesser and lesser public sighting together. Reports that the actress was finding major differences between her and her husband’s values were flying around. The inevitable divorce followed shortly after.

Serradilla is very hot. She is considered to be very sexy .She has a figure like that of a Victoria model and the face of a Greek goddess. With all these attributes, there is no doubt that she will date someone else very soon.

In early 2015, the Mexican actress started dating “Luis Ernesto Franco”. Her new boyfriend is a fellow actor from the Mexican entertainment industry. She is reportedly very happy with her new relationship and believes she made the right choice by getting a divorce with her former husband.

Serradilla is one of the most celebrated actresses in Mexico. She is also very popular in USA. She has been featured in several movies, the most popular of which are “Tired of Kissing Frogs”, “Hidden Moon” and “Pastorela”. She has also made an appearance in the Mexican version of The Real Housewives: “Amas de Casa Desesperadas.”

She has appeared in over 34 movies and has a worldwide fan base. Her net worth is also very high. Even though it has not been officially released, her net worth is thought to be over $5 million dollars.


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