Ana Cheri-the Curvy Instagram Fitness Model

HitBerry TeamPublished on   27 Apr, 2019Updated on   25 Nov, 2019

Ana Cheri is perhaps one of the biggest Instagram fitness sensations around with over 12 million followers on the platform alone and is often seen posting pictures that perfectly capture her curves. And if you’ve ever breezed over those Instagram workout videos, chances are that you’ve come across this beautiful bombshell of a lady.

So, who exactly is Ana Cheri? Is she single? Married? Well, let’s find out.

Who is Ana Cheri?

Ana Cheri giving a hot pose for photoshoot

Ana Cheri was born on May 16, 1986 in Huntington Beach, California.  Her ancestry seems to be a lot of mixes with Native American, Latin, and Caucasian heritages. Not much is known publicly about her family and early years.

What we do know is that she was born in a family with lots of brothers. Could that be the reason behind her motivation and interest in fitness and modeling? Maybe. But she may have an even stronger reason that keeps her going forward with her fitness mantra that she always flaunts in front of her 12 million Instagram followers.

Ana Cheri’s love life

Ana Cheri and Ben Moreland sharing the happy moment in an event

Ana seems to have met her now-husband Ben Moreland all the way back in 2006. Any guesses where they met? Of course, it was the gym. Ben Moreland is actually a fitness expert and trainer, and has played quite an important role, some say, in the makings of Ana’s online career, which we will get to in a bit.

Ana Cheri and Ben Moreland at their wedding ceremony in 2011

In 2011, Ana and Ben tied the knot with quite the ceremony at Miramonte Resort in Indian Wells after about five years of dating. They seem to live with a very peaceful and romantic life together, often keeping their relationship away from the prying eyes, only occasionally declaring their love for each other publicly.

Ana Cheri and her blossoming career

Hot Ana Cheri

So, how exactly did Ana get into fitness modeling and being a social media star? Unlike other models that start their careers right at the threshold of their teenage years, Ana Cheri started her a little later in her early twenties. She had actually worked as a makeup artist and hair stylist before she began modeling.

One of her first jobs included a print ad for Import Tuner, Toyo Tires, and Punch Magazine, and also worked as the Toyo Tire girl national promotional Model. Ana got the big break many models dream of when she got the opportunity to pose as the cover girl for the Playboy magazine in 2015 as Miss October. She also did a calendar tour to help flourish her modeling career.

Ana Cheri promoting products. she is sitting down and their is a protein shake in front of her

Another of her high-profile modeling gigs was a feature in Muscle and Fitness Magazine, which allowed her to increase her scope from local brands to a more nationwide appeal.

Now, Ana Cheri was worked with companies and brands like Ultimate Armwrestling league, K&N Filters, Monster Energy, and Moskova Underwear to name a few. She is also the brand ambassador for Shredz Supplements. Part of her job is to basically tour the country promoting the product along with overall healthy lifestyle.

Ana Cheri in the gym showing off her hot body holding an equipment

And thanks to her hard work, amazing body, and online presence, Ana was featured as Maxim magazine’s Instagram Girl of the week and Chive’s New Queen of Instagram. As often happens with successful models, Ana Cheri decided to make herself a brand, and she has been very successful in that regard.

First of all, she has published a lot of fitness E-books and even opened up her own gym in Santa Ana, California called Be More Athletic. And thanks to the expertise and support from her fitness expert husband, Ben Moreland, she also owns a fairly successful clothing line called Want My Look which features casual wear and inner wear.

Ana Cheri in the arms of her husband

And if all these modeling gigs and business weren’t enough sources of income for Ana, she also earns from $5,000 to $25,000 per Instagram post, all thanks to her multi-million followers on platform. And not to mention she has more than 5 million followers on Facebook, around 200 thousand on Twitter, and more than 82 thousand subscribers on her YouTube Channel.

Ana really takes her all-round social media presence to a whole new level, doesn’t she?And she even seems to have started her career as an actress with her first TV show appearance in Nuclear Family. And because of such big numbers, as of 2018, Ana’s net worth is estimated to be around $3.57 million.