An actor, jeweler, and ledger painter, Michael Horse's Top Five Facts, Know them all

March 4, 2018
First Published On: March 4, 2018

An actor and ledger painter, Michael Horse, is best known for his role in the series Twin Peaks as Deputy Hawk. Here’s an article with the detail facts that may interest you to know more about Michael Horse personally.


Michael started his career by appearing in the 1981 film- The Legend of the Lone Ranger as Tonto. He also portrayed American Indian Movement in the TNT’s 1994 movie Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee. Without any delay let’s get into the topic which deals five fantastic facts about Michael Horse.

Five facts you need to Know about Michael Horse

Michael Horse was born on 21 December 1949 in Los Angeles, California as Michael James Heinrich. As he spent most of his childhood in his birthplace with his mother, California and still exist in the city till the date.

5. Michael Horse- Also a jeweler and painter

It’s true that Michael is also popular for being a painter and jeweler as we can find his incredible works of arts on his official page. You can find all sorts of tribe jewelry and arts which you also can buy on the same page. With a great feeling of native American and passion for paint and jewels, we are really in love with his work so far. What’s about you?

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4. Michael Horse- Marriage relationship

Well, while taking a closer look towards his personal life, Michael was once married to his then-wife, Linda D. Ridgway. As they were together for four years but they decided to part their ways in 1979. However, both of them have succeeded to keep the reason of their divorce under the limelight.

[ CAPTION: Sandra Dombrowski and Michael Horse ][ SOURCE: NativeCelebs ]

After his divorce with Linda, he is now happily married to his wife Sandra Dombrowski. Although the couple tied the knot in the year 1993, they don’t have any child together yet. But they are still happy with each other. We wish their love to remain constant until the end of their life.

3. Michael Horse- Net worth

Michael is best known as one of the famous figures, he has an estimated net worth of $18 million. He is also s painter and jeweler; he also earns a lot from there as his one painting cost $900. We are pretty sure that his salary is pretty good to make such a huge net worth.

[ CAPTION: Michael Horse also a painter ][ SOURCE: SFMOMA's Open Space ]

2. Michael Horse favorite role- The Hawk

Most of you might have watched this movie, Twin Peaks, but if haven’t then we prefer you to watch it because it is an American mystery horror drama television series.

And the Hawk was a member of the Bookhouse Boys and also the Deputy Chief at Twin Peaks Sheriffs’ Department. In an interview with Oakland magazine, Michael said his one of the favorite role was as The Hawk on the Twin Peaks.

[ CAPTION: Michael Horse favorite role- The Hawk ][ SOURCE: Showtime ]

1. When it comes to Twin Peaks, Michael Horse is proud of?

Well, when it comes to Twin Peaks, Michael is famous for changing the way that the people process TV. As they were changing in the format and changed in the dialogue in some of the shows, but not is an actual physical way they experience television.

[ CAPTION: When it comes to Twin Peaks, Michael Horse is proud of ][ SOURCE: Gathering Tribes ]

He said that we can get a chance to see some different thing on that screen that we have never experienced. So, these are some of the facts about Michael Horse. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.