61 Years American TV Personality Steve Doocy Is In a Longtime Married Relationship With Wife Kathy Gerrity

It is very rare to see couples staying together for a long long time in Hollywood but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist at all. Today in this article, we are going to talk about one of those couples who has been happily together for more than three decades without any divorce rumors and an extramarital affair.


If you are wondering who the couple is, well its none other than American TV personality Steve Doocy and his beloved life Kathy Gerrity. Keep on scrolling you will find details about their love story, where and how they met, when they got married and also about their children.

Steve Doocy and wife Kathy Gerrity

Steve Doocy met Kathy Gerrity way back at WRC-TV in Washington DC. According to 1989 Washington Post profile, back then Kathy was working in the sports department. While Steve worked as a junior member of the news and sports team. Well, we all know that Steve Doocy currently works for the Fox News channel, he has surely progressed a lot in his career.

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CAPTION: Steve Doocy on Fox News
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Now that we know how Steve progressed in his professional life, would you like to know how he progressed in his love life? Let us tell you that Steve was the first to make a move on the duo’s relationship. In an interview, when he was asked about his first move to Kathy, he said:

I, trying to make contact with a pretty girl, made some small talk about the ketchup on her French fries being plasma.

Slowly, they started to know each other better and started developing feelings for one another. They soon took their relationship to the next level and got married in 1986.

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CAPTION: Steve Doocy and his longtime wife Kathy Gerrity SOURCE: Pinterest

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The couple has become inseparable ever since. The mutual understanding and never-ending love and support for one another are one of the main reasons behind their perfect relationship. They also have welcomed children in their lives about which we will be talking on our next subheading.

Steve Doocy and Kathy Gerrity’s children

Steve and Kathy welcomed their first child Peter Doocy, a year after they got married, on 21st July 1987 and he too is currently working as a Fox News Reporter. His second child is a daughter named Mary Doocy and the youngest one is named Sally Doccy.

CAPTION: Steve Doocy and his longtime wife Kathy Gerrity with their three children SOURCE: Instagram

Their second child, Mary, works for the House Oversight Committee and the youngest daughter currently works as sales planner at Fox News. All the three children have now group up to be beautiful man and women and this looks like a perfect family goal for all his followers.

Facts about Steve and Kathy Doocy

1. Steve Doocy was born on 19th October 1956 in Algona, Iowa.
2. Steve Doocy works in Fox News Channel.
3. Steve Doccy was married to Kathi Doccy back in the year 1986.
4. The duo has been together for more than three decades. 
5. Steve and Kathi together have three children, one son, and two daughters. 
6. Two of Steve's children also works on Fox News. 
7. Steve and Kathy met at WRC-TV in Washington.
8. The duo decided that they always wanted to raise all their children in the same house during their childhood. 
9. Doocy Wrote ‘The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook’ Because ‘I Love My Wife’
10. Steve Doocy supports Republican Party.