American television personality Parvati Shallow Engaged with her Boyfriend John Fincher

February 12, 2017
First published on:February 12, 2017
by HitBerry

Parvati Shallow is one of the American television personalities and the winner of the reality series, Survivor. We have been hearing a lot about her dating rumors for a long time. Well, now we may not get to hear any kinds of rumors now.

Parvati Shallow is now engaged to her boyfriend John Fincher, American Scientist. John Fincher was only one of the competitors of 'Survivor' in 2009. The couple actually were engaged in December 2016 but the news flashed recently. Let’s know more about their personal life.

John Fincher and Parvati Shallow

source: realitytvworld

Parvati Shallow and John Fincher’s affairs before Engagement

Parvati shallow has had three relationships before her engagement. Parvati and Oscar lusth were rumored that they were dating for a long time. The couple didn't actually come to media so the details about their rumors were not cleared.

Well, the brave girl was then seen with Nathan Gonzales in 2006. Nathan is also an American reality TV contestant and has participated in Survivor cook Islands. They first met while the show was running. They broke up soon but Parvati didn't disclose the reason behind the split.

Parvati Shallow was then seen with James Clement in 2007. James is also a reality TV contestant and participated in survivor. When asked about the relationship with Parvati, he said that he really liked to spend time with her, staring at her but that also didn’t work out. James said that he tried his best, but at the end, it was over.

John Fincher and Parvati Shallow

source: twitter

Destiny lead us to where we belong. Seems like any of the relation didn't work out because someone was waiting for her. It turned out to be the handsome guy, John Fincher. John Fincher was not seen with any women before his engagement.

Maybe he was in a relationship but any of the rumors were not flashed. Who knows! The news of the engagement flashed when Parvati shared her photo showing her ring.

Parvati Shallow showing engagement ring

source: etcnada

It is said that John Fincher got down to his knees to propose the beautiful lady while they were on a romantic trip to London. A big congratulation to the newly engaged couple. You can check out the picture of the lovely survivor couple.


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