American Stunt Performer Verne Troyer's Net Worth, Lives in the Los Angeles House

Verne Troyer was a well-known American actor who suffered from cartilage-hair hypoplasia dwarfism and stood only 2 ft 8 inches tall.  Troyer was also a comedian and a stunt actor, best known for portraying the role of Mini-Me in the "Austin Poxwers' film series. He has also been appearing as The Boss for gambling site called


As the American stunt Performer, comedian, and actor Verne Troyer had a comedic timing and great sense of humor. Which got him a good fame in Hollywood, and and now his fans are willing to know about his lifestyle. So, stick with us and have a close look at Verne's net worth, career, and more on.

Verne Troyer Net worth

In his entire career, he made a high fortune of around $3 million from appearing in the number of television shows, and films. He was once seen in the video game 'Let It Die' appeared in several movies for over two decades.

CAPTION: Verne Troyer
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He was best known for his comedy performance and made numerous appearences in reality shows. He has also served as a guest host on WWE Raw.

Verne Troyer Cars collection

As for Verner, he loves to drive exclusive branded collections of cars which includes a Nissan GTR which price is around $65,000. He also owned a $20,499 Polaris Razor, $499.00 Tesla Mini Model S.

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Further, he owned a $36,600 Mini car, $27,000 Electric Boat, $107,80 Mercedes-Benz CLK, $35,095 Boss 302, and $26,299 Audi S5.

Verne Troyer Career

Verne was seen in the movie 'Baby's Day Out' in 1994 and two years later, he went on to appear in the 'Dunston Check In'. Followed by appearing in the 'Pinocchio Revenge' he was seen in the film 'Men in Black', 'Mighty Joe Young',  'My Giant', and  'Instinct' later on.

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In the television, Verne has performed stunts for 'Masked Rider'. He was seen in the 'Shasta McNasty' which was followed by appearing as the Napoleon Bonaparte in the television show 'Jack of All Trades'.

Despite having a good going career and good level of fame the American actor/comedian was struggeling from Extreme alcoholiism from a long period of time and had committed to leave the addiction time and again. Verne Troyer  died on April 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, California, United States due to Alcohol intoxication.

Ten Facts about Verne Troyer

1. Verne Troyer was one of the shortest men in the worldwide.
2. He was born in the Sturgis, the son of Susan, and a repair technician.
3. Verne Troyer had two siblings, Deborah and Davon.
4. During his childhood, he spent a lot of time by visiting Amish relatives.
5. Verne Troyer graduated from the Centreville High School.
6. In 1999, he threw out the first ball at the San Diego.
7. Verne Troyer and his date were voted king and queen at their high school prom.
8. Verne Troyer acting as a celebrity spokesman in the Geico auto insurance commercial.
9. On April 2018, he dated Brittney Powell for 11 years.
10. On June 25, Verne Troyer and his girlfriend's privet moment got leaked.