American soccer star Carli Lloyd marrying her long-time boyfriend Brian Hollins

HitBerryPublished on   30 Jun, 2015Updated on   20 May, 2021

Soccer is a beautiful game. And, when a beauty like Carli Lloyd pulls a soccer boot, the game can only get more beautiful. And man, she’s experiencing glory on the field. The United States midfielder recently converted a spot kick to make sure that her country advanced to the finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Not only that, she led her team to victory in the finals by scoring a hat trick and emerged as only player to score a hat trick in Women’s World Cup Finals.  

The 5 feet 7 inches tall midfielder recently took to her twitter account to express her delight for lifting the cup. Going through her account, she sure seems to keep her fans updated. The player apparently has 276 K followers. And that is surely on the rise now that her goals will be viewed by thousands on the net. Although busy training, Carli seems to manage time posting photos on her Instagram account. And her Instagram is just as popular.

The Houston Dynamos player has recently been in the spotlight having declared that she is planning to marry long-time boyfriend Brian Hollins after the Rio 2016 Olympics. Who Brian Hollins? Like Lloyd, Hollins is into sports as well. But unlike her, he is a PGA Golf Pro in New Jersey. Hollins only recently qualified for the U.S Open and is eyeing a breakthrough into the group of elites. Apparently, the two started dating each other long before. Growing at the same place, the two were a couple since high school. For Hollins, he considers his attraction towards Carli as love at first sight. The two definitely seem to get along great - so great that Carli told Brian not to come to Canada to watch her game. Maybe she can’t resist looking at her fiancé when he is at the stands.

Now at the age of 32, Carli definitely has achieved tremendous success in her career. From scoring the Gold-medal winning goal in the 2008 Olympics to another at the 2012 Summer Olympics, all that is left is scoring a goal that will clinch the United States the 2015 World Cup. She is also the highest scoring midfielder in the history of her country. That is definitely something to be proud of. Even though at the height of her work, she definitely has a few more years left in her bags. And she isn’t hanging her boots any time soon.

The soccer star, Lloyd did take her team to the victory and she now is enjoying her stint at World Cup finals, Wish more success comes on your way, Way to go, Carli!!!