American percussionist, Questlove's Journey to Success, know his Career And Net Worth

February 28, 2017
First published on:February 28, 2017
by HitBerry

Ahmir Khalib Thompson is an American DJ, Percussionist, music Journalist, record producer and occasional actor and is famous by his stage name Questlove. He is best known for his drum play. He also joined frontman for the Grammy Award-winning band, The Roots.

He must have a high net worth, I guess. After all, he is such a talented and professional drummer. Let’s discuss his career and earnings.


Questlove’s Career and Net Worth

Before directly jumping into his Net worth, let’s talk about his career first. He is a really hardworking guy and came to highlight after he joined Roots.

Questlove during his show

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Roots played the song called 'You Got Me' and it turned into one of the massive successes back in time. It also helped the group win Grammy Awards in 2000. That added a pace to Questlove success. He also contributed as a Producer and a Drummer to Things Fall Apart, Baduizm, Electric Circus, and several more albums.

Questlove performing with Roots

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Joining Roots was the turning point for Questlove as he began stepping higher and higher. That helped Questlove to successfully drag the attention of many people. And moreover, he is also known as the drummer for hip-hop.

Questlove is a multi-talented person, I must say. He is not only involved in music but also with fashion design, Broadway stage production, and high-end catering. Questlove also helped to design the Nike World Air Force 1 shoe in 2008. He collaborated with Nike for the second time to manufacture a sneaker called Nike Questo in 2011.

The Roots featured in several shows and it helped Questlove to be known among us. His TV shows contributed a lot to bring him to the spotlight. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Backstage Pass and Black in the 80s are his popular shows. 

The Roots attend 2016 BET Awards

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The Net Worth of Questlove is estimated to be $16 million and it is increasing every year. Too huge and enough to live with almost every luxurious things that exist. 

Questlove's signature look

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Questlove is emerging as a Style Icon now. The way he dresses reflects his personality. And it is essential to maintain standards after someone achieved so much in life. Questlove loves his signature look and will be featured in magazines too in near future.