American Model Hailey Baldwin is in a Relationship With Shawn Mendes for Oct 2017

What is your resolution this new year? Many couples have their own new-year wish to spend their together this year as well. If you landed here on this article, you must have already heard about 2017’s hot couple, Hailey Baldwin and Shawn Mendes. Well, the couple has successfully been able to enter 2018 together.

The 21-year-old American Model Hailey Baldwin has been dating a 19-year-old Canadian Singer Shawn Mendes since October 2017. The couple has a very cute relationship and they are often seen together hanging out in different places. To know everything in detail about the couple’s relationship, scroll down below.

Is it just a rumor or are Hailey and Shawn actually dating?

Well, we all know what role rumors play in celebrities’ lives. Two people might not be dating but might just be hanging out and have a good time, paparazzi start spreading rumors that those two are dating. However, if they are seen kissing or hugging tightly, or if one of them has a ring on their finger, the probability of them dating or engaged is relatively high. Also, in the late November, Shawn had revealed that he is not dating anyone currently.

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We feel happy to announce that Hailey and Shawn’s relationship is not just a rumor. The couple has been happily dating since, as mentioned above, October 2017. However, the relationship just got confirmed back on 23rd December 2017.

[ CAPTION: Shawn Mendes with his girlfriend ]
[ SOURCE: TheSun ]

The couple spent a romantic day in Toronto and went public with their romance. And the reason why Shawn didn’t reveal that he’s dating, back in November, might be because he wanted to keep everything private at that time.

Hailey Baldwin and Shawn Mendes dating life

Hailey and Shawn are in a very series relationship. Even though they have not been dating for too long, the bond between them seems unbreakable. In this short time, the couple has spent quite a lot of time together. Besides their busy schedules, they manage time for one another.

[ CAPTION: Shawn Mendes with his girlfriend ]
[ SOURCE: TheSun ]

Again in December 2017, the couple attended a concert together in Shawn’s hometown. The news Hailey and Shawn spending holidays in Shawn’s hometown have gone viral all over the internet. Well, again this too proves that the two are very serious in their relationship and that they try hard to spend quality time with each other.