American Journalist Julia Boorstin is Living Happily with her Husband Couper Samuelson, Detail Here

Sam SmithPublished on   08 Jan, 2018Updated on   28 Apr, 2021

Being in love is the most beautiful thing but being in a relationship is equally challenging with busy work schedules. Despite busy schedule American Journalist, Julia Boorstin is living a happily married life with William Couper Samuelson.

As we got the gist of today’s topic, we are going to talk about a reason behind the successful marriage between Julia and Couper Samuelson. Stick and scroll down to know everything about the couple right below:

Julia Boorstin and William Couper Samuelson: Married Life and children

If we mine deep into the personal life of Julia, then she got married to the William Couper Samuelson in December 2007 in Beverly Hills, California.

The couple exchanged vows in front of 113 guests. They got married at the Il Cielo restaurant in an enclosed patio with Christmas-like decoration. With the groom and the bride staying under the wedding canopy, Rabbi Jonathan Klein officiated their marriage.

[ CAPTION: Julia and William wedding day ][ SOURCE: NY Times ]

After all these years of their marriage, Julia and William are still currently married to each other. They have been able to stay in love for so long. With 5 years of their marriage in 2011, the couple gave birth to a baby boy, Henry Samuelson.

[ CAPTION: Julia with her husband William ][ SOURCE: Married Wiki ]

Julia and William are in their 11th year now, but they are still in as much love as they were when they had dated. It is said that the true love finds its way anyhow, it may have come true for the couple.

After all these years, they are still happily married to each other. With no breakup rumors and no extramarital affairs, the couple’s love is still going strong.

Julia and William: Before Marriage, how did they fall in love?

Falling in love is a great thing to happen. And, if you get to live with your love for the rest of your life, it's more than wonderful. Julia and William met each other for the first time at the Sundance Film Festival in the PG-13 weekend in the year 2004.

[ CAPTION: Julia Boorstin and William Couper Samuelson ][ SOURCE: Married Wiki ]

Couper’s roommate became a matchmaker as he dragged him to the party where he first met Julia. William still remembers their first meeting like it was just days before. When Julia first met him, she remembers to say that the guy is cute and has a great height. How could anyone not date him?

[ CAPTION: Julia Boorstin ][ SOURCE: Celebrity News ]

The CNBC host for Stay Tuned…The Future of TV, Julia Boorstin and William Samuelson watched the film, Napoleon Dynamite. After two weeks of being together as friends, William told Julia rhetorically that he loved her. Sometimes after that, they started dating and you see what they are now.

On the whole, it seems that Julia Boorstin and William Couper Samuelson are living quite a happy married life with each other.