American journalist Allie LaForce Married Joe Smith and living happily together

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It has always been a dream come true for all those ladies to marry a person from her dreams. Just like American journalist Allie LaForce, she is now a married woman and sharing her marital relationship with her long-term boyfriend Joe Smith.

Today here, we will be discussing the marital life of Allie LaForce and her husband Joe Smith. Know about their posts on various social sites

Allie LaForce and Joe Smith Marital Life

Let's first discuss how the couple met for the first time. Traveling to the past, we came to know that the couple first met in the year 2013 in Cleveland. Actually, Allie twitted a challenge to beat her in hoops. Joe tweeted her back and thus they were spotted retweeting for many times.

Only after knowing each other views and understanding each other emotions, the couple decided to get married. I think it's a pretty good way to spend the quality time with the one you love before getting married. It will let you know what your partner actually wants thus the relationship will be much stronger.

Allie LaForce and Joe Smith

Allie LaForce and Joe Smith

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Allie got married to her long-term boyfriend Joe on January 17, 2015, at University Circle United Methodist Church. Their wedding reception was held in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. Their wedding was one of the grand weddings in the history.

Describing their wedding ceremony, their wedding ceremony was full of emotional attachments. Allie's mother cried in the wedding ceremony but it's actually normal. It will always be a hard decision for every parent to see their daughters leaving their house.

Similarly, their wedding ceremony was a private one where people were not allowed to have any photographs. This rule was actually made by Allie for the benefit of her husband Joe Smith.

Going through Allie official Instagram account, she has shared their couple pictures which are really cute. Moreover, the captions she mentioned are really so beautiful and touchy. She has also posted a picture of their wedding in their two years anniversary in her account. Have a look:

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

Allie has posted numerous of their photos that clearly reflect how happy they are. The pictures actually can actually make anyone go aww at any time. These photographs can be the best proof that the couple is happily living together.

Till now, the couple does not have any children. They are just likely focusing on their career. Hope to follow the good news soon.

Allie LaForce Bio

Allie LaForce is an American model, beauty queen, and journalist who was born on December 11, 1988, in Vermillion, Ohio, United States of America. She won the title Miss Teen USA in the year 2005. She is now currently working as an anchor and reporter for NBA and CBS sports. She also worked as a broadcast reporter and anchor for FOX 8's "Friday Night Touchdown".

Allie LaForce and Joe Smith

Allie LaForce and Joe Smith

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