American businessman and Philanthropist Shlomo Rechnitz Net worth,Company, and Career

Shlomo Rechnitz is a successful businessman who owns the Shlomo & Tamar Rechntiz Charitable Foundation. He has contacts with almost all the nursing homes of the world.  As per his earning he has been donating millions of money to many needy people.

He owns a big villa in Los Angeles, California. With so many dollars floating by him he surely has a skyrocketing net worth. And well it is not at all a lie because reportedly Shlomo Rechnitz's net worth is $2.4 billion dollars.

Shlomo Rechnitz has a nursing home in Gardena, California which he bought back in the year 2006. Shlomo along with his twin brother, Steve Rechnitz incorporated TwinMed, LLC in Los Angeles in 1998, which distributes medical supplies and solutions all over the United States.

Bruis Healthcare Service is the other Shlomo's owned nursing home in California. And during 2014, Shlomo's 23 nursing homes received a total of 50 serious deficiencies graded G or higher by the federal government.

Shlomo Rechnitz and Steven Rechnitz

Shlomo Rechnitz is the owner of the Shlomo & Tamar Rechntiz Charitable Foundation. Since its establishment, this organization annually distributes funds to over a thousand institutions.

Shlomo gave $1 Million for aid in the rebuilding of Orthodox Jewish day schools after Hurricane Sandy which was one of the deadliest and most devastating hurricanes of 2012 in the United States.  


Shlomo Rechnitz provided support to the Keren Hashviis fund by releasing an album featuring popular Jewish singers, all the received money was funded to help Israeli farmers keeping the law of Shmita.

Till now Shlomo Rechnitz has extended his help by donating millions and millions of money to different organizations.

Steven Rechnitz (left) and Shlomo Rechnitz (right) and their wife. 

Shlomo Rechnitz is married to Tamar Belsky who is the daughter of Rabbi Yisroel Belsky. He dated Tamar for almost a year before getting married. Shlomo and Tamar live in Los Angeles, California with their six children.

During their wedding, only close friends and family members were invited as took place in a private event.

Shlomo Rechnitz is a very kind man with a willingness to help others. He has been in many charity works and loved by many people because of his big-hearted nature. He is also very much popular and followed by many people on several social media and social networks.