American Actress Marin Hinkle is Living Happily with Husband Randall Sommer without any Divorce Issues

Jacob BrownPublished on   25 Jan, 2018Updated on   25 Jan, 2018

Gaining wide popularity in the media by their work, some celebrities often keep their personal details under the shade. In the same way, American actress Marin Hinkle who is married to husband Randall Sommer has tried her best to keep her stuff out of sight.

Hinkle is better known for portraying her role as Judith Harper-Melnick on world-famous CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men and Judy Brooks on the ABC TV drama, Once and Again. She is widely known on the screen, but what about her personal life? Hinkle is already married to Randall Sommer. Let's know more about Hinkle and Randall's relationship!

Marin Hinkle Is Married To Her Husband, Randall Sommer

Hinkle portrayed the role of a "divorced wife" in the Two and a Half Men, but it is totally different in her real life. Well, 51 years old gorgeous actress Hinkle is happily married to Randall Sommer.  

[ CAPTION: Marin Hinkle ][ SOURCE: Measurements ]

The sources have mentioned that the couple started dating back in 1992. And after dating about six years, the duo decided to take their relationship to the next level. Well, they exchanged the vows in June 1998. However, their wedding was a private one. 

During Hinkle's affair with Randall, Hinkle was not sure whether their relationship would last long or not. But now there is no any doubt left for Hinkle regarding her relationship. The couple has successfully spent 19 years of their married life together

[ CAPTION: Marin Hinkle and Randall Sommer ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

It has already been a long time that the couple tied the knot and are still together and happy. Since the starting of their love affairs, the couple is still having a romantic relationship. Hinkle once claimed that Randall has become even more passionate about their marriage. 

The couple hasn't faced any rumors of their divorce although they have been married for about two decades and has successfully kept paparazzi away from them. However, Hinkle is often questioned about her divorce.

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But every time, she expresses her anger and screams at media and mentions her married life as an inseparable part of her life. Well, this is enough to prove, how strong bond of them. And seeing these all, it is clear that there is no any sign of divorce. 

Does Marin Hinkle and Randall Sommer Have Any Kids?

The lovebirds have been married for two decades. As being married for a long time, it is obvious that people question about the children. But it is sad to say that, the couple does not have any child till date. 

[ CAPTION: Marin Hinkle with her husband ][ SOURCE: Taddlr ]

None of them have yet disclosed the reason for not having a child. Once a rumor regarding Hinkle pregnancy was surfaced on the internet but soon disappeared into thin air.

Although the couple does not have any kids, they are still happy with each other and are enjoying their married life. Well, we wish the couple a wonderful relationship ahead.