American Actor Will Estes' net worth in 2017: Know about his salary, career and awards

July 30, 2017
First Published On: July 30, 2017

An American actor Will Estes is best known for his role on CBS police drama Blue Bird as Jamison "Jamie" Reagan. Being involved in acting at the age of 10 he is able to make himself renowned across the world.

Do you know, he charges a husky amount for each movie?And there is no any doubt that his net worth is also high. So let's know Will's net worth, career, and awards that he had received?

Will Estes net worth

Will Estes has involved himself in many films, and with that being said, his net worth it is estimated to be $ 12 million. Moving on to his salary, it is estimated to be around $209,150 through the brand endorsement.

Will Estes Will Estes, Source:

He demands a huge amount of money for each movie and he had charges around $ 780,000 for the Santa Barbara, $540,000 for Highway to Heaven, for Murphy's Law $400,000, for Miracle Landing $290,000 and $176,000 for Baywatch. No, then let's know about his career and awards.

Will Estes career

Los Angeles born Will started his career as acting when he was just 10 years old. He was chosen out of 700 kids to plays Will McCollough in the syndicated New Lassie series which was his first appearance on television.

Will Estes and Thomas Guiry in the Matthew McConaughey, T.C. Carson         Will Estes and Thomas Guiry in the Matthew McConaughey, T.C. Carson,

He has had many featured roles in television series and also in the music video from 1989 to 1991. Will was also involved in the commercial of Fruit of the Loom and much more. And it was the beginning, he started receiving many roles offer for films and television series.

Will Estes on The New Lassie Show Will Estes on The New Lassie Show, Source:

Will was a part of 20 years long series featuring High School Reunion among 6 best friends which ran for six seasons. His first movie was Dutch in 1991. And after he started receiving many offers for movies which we can see.

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 Will Estes Awards

Wil has been nominated thrice for the TV show New Lassie and another for time for Kirk in 1991 to 1996. He also won 2 awards for "Performance in a Drama Series Episode" as well as "Actor of the Year" which was awarded by Prism Award and Golden Home Award for the same TV series Blue Bloods.

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