47 Years Old American Actor Rob Corddry's Net Worth, Career, Earnings, Achievements, and More!

An American actor Rob Corddry aka Robert William Corddry who is leading a happy married life with wife Sandra Corddry since 2002 also has a successful professional life and earned a high fortune of wealth.


Starting career back in 1995 at the age of 24 and now being at the age of 47 he has already spend more than two decades in Hollywood. With his hard work and passion in working he has already contributed a lot to Hollywood and earned pretty good amount and made himself one of the multi-millionaire. Let's have a detailed look on Rob Corddry's earnings, total net worth, and what property he has added through it.

Rob Corddry's Net Worth

The 47 years' actor who has a very successful personal life also has the same faith when it comes to talking about his professional life. With his hard work and dedication in his work, he has been able to collect a huge net worth in his account and maintain a lavish lifestyle.

CAPTION: Rob Corddry SOURCE: Alchetron

Talking about Rob Corddry's net worth, different tabloids source has claimed different amount. As per The Richest, his net worth is estimated to be around $8 million while Celebrity Net Worth has claimed around $10 million. Well, the difference amount between this two sites is not so different so we can say he has a net worth around $8 million to $10 million.

Rob Corddry's Earnings through career

Starting career through an appearance in TV series and jumping into a movie later on, till now Roba has appeared in various movies and still going on in both movies and series he has earned a pretty good sum of amount. Not only that he has also added to his account through giving his voice in the Video game, Fallout: New Vegas.

CAPTION: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart SOURCE: Comedy Central

Among all his movies, some of his amazing movies have lots of money at the box office. Let's have a look:

Movie Box Office Earning
1. How To Be Latin Lover $61.9 million
2. Blades of Glory $145.7 million
3. What Happens in Vegas $219.3 million
4. Failure To Launch $128.4 million

So seeing all about his successful acting career and its earning, it's obvious that the actor has also earned good sum through it and living a lavish lifestyle.

Top 10 Facts of Rob Corddry

1. Rob Corddry was born on February 4, 1971, in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
2. He was born to father Robin and mother Steven Corddry.
3. He has estimated net of around $8 million-$10 million.
4. He is the big brother of actor Nate Corddry.
5. Besides acting he is also TV producer, TV Director, Screenwriter, and comedian.
6. He has English, Irish, and Scottish, ancestry.
7. He has given his voice in the History Channel production World War II.
8. He hosted the 10th annual Webby Awards ceremony.
9. In 2002, he was accepted for The Daily Show.
10. He is the father of two children.