American Actor Mark Goddard Famous as 'Major Don West' Net Worth, Earnings, Sources of Income, Career, and TV Series

May 6, 2018
First Published On: May 6, 2018

The American film and TV actor, Charles Harvey Goddard AKA Mark Goddard, who is surely known for portraying Major Don West in the TV series, Lost in Space, has added a lot to his total net worth through his career in the filming industry. 


With the start of his career in the late 1950s, he has been able to appear in many movies and TV series. And, through that, he has made his name shine on the Hollywood Industry as one of the people who helped shape the current standards in the industry. In his long career, he has earned a lot of cash. So, if you want to know how much, then keep on scrolling as we reveal the truth of Mark's earnings. 

Mark Goddard's Net Worth

The total estimated net worth of the American actor, Mark Goddard, is reported to be around $3 million. As he has a total of 3 children, they should have earned a lot too, but, we are not going to mix up things combining Mark's earnings with his children's. 

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CAPTION: Mark Goddard SOURCE: The Mark Goddard

Almost all of the earnings of the actor is from his acting career. But, he might have also earned a small amount from his high school baseball and basketball games as he led them to the state championship during his high school days. His career kickstarted when he landed a role in the TV series Johny Ringo in 1959. 

CAPTION: Mark Goddard in The Rifleman SOURCE: Pinterest

After his role in the series, he was cast in several other TV shows and movies, such as Woman on the Run, The Detectives, The Rifleman, Perry Mason, Many Happy Returns, and Strange Invaders.

The actor stopped for about ten years as his last movie was Overnight Sensation. But, in 2010, he came back as Steve in the film, Soupernatural, and also made a short epilogue for his most famous series, Lost in Space

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CAPTION: Mark Goddard in one of his movies SOURCE: Whos Dated Who

Apart from that, he has his website where there is a lot of information about him. There is also a book autographed for sale with the title, Three Years Lost in Space. The book is priced at a total of $30. Similarly, he has another autographed copy of To Space And Back! for sale at a price of $25. 

Mark Goddard's Breakthrough TV Series

Most of us already know what kickstarted his career, but for those of you who don't know, it was the CBS TV series, Lost in Space. He played the part of the Major Don West in the series. The show ran for a total of 83 episodes as it had to be canceled due to monetary problems. 

CAPTION: Mark Goddard in Lost in Space SOURCE: The Mark Goddard

The costing of the series was expensive as the first season had a total budget of $130,980 per episode. Similarly, during the 3rd season, $164,788 was paid per season as the total budget of the making of the series.

Only the interior of their spaceship cost around $350,000. After the first season, each and every member of the show got a pay raise. Some even got double their salary. In 2015, the show celebrated their 50th year.

Well, as the actor Mark Goddard is already 81 years' old, he is not active on the social media profiles, so more information on him is still unretrievable.