AMD Ryzen's new Processors with Better Performance and Low Cost. Does Intel has to face Dark Future?

April 20, 2017
First Published On: April 16, 2016
by HitBerry

AMD is the next top processor making company after Intel. Ryzen or Zen is the name given to upcoming ‘core architecture’ for the new products of the AMD family. This is the CPU with the range of multi-core processors like the previous Athlon.

The Ryzen processors will be available for desktop, laptops, workstation, and servers as well with the use of 14nm i.e. very small and power efficient chip.

Ryzen based processor will have features of 8-cores and 16-thread processing at 3.4 GHz with nural net-based prophesy system.

Specialties of Ryzen processors

The processor has taken as the best till the date is Intel i7 which almost cost $1,000, however, Ryzen 7 1800X has already taken as the replacement for Intel’s best items. This comes with the capacity of 3.6 GHz and can be boosted to 4GHz, and this is the fastest 8-core processor in the market.

The 1700X works on 3.4GHz and could be reached to 3.8GHz, i.e. 39% faster than Intel i7 6800K. The cheapest version, 1700 runs at a speed of 3GHz could be boosted to 3.7GHz which performs 46% better than Intel i7 7700K.

With the ability to be faster, better configuration, and high-performance Ryzen processors could take Intel in danger.

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Possibilities on replacement of Intel processors by Ryzen processors

There could be many reasons for replacing Intel processors such as speed, functionality, cost etc. the detail information is mentioned below:

The top-end Ryzen 7 will be 8-core, 16-thread and the most expensive will cost only $499. The Ryzen 7 1700 is low power consuming chip with low overclock ability, it might be coming with latest Wraith Spire cooler.

On paper, AMD’s rate for new processors fairly amazing, the recently published benchmarks regulate that trend. This Imgur post tells the 1700X and 1800X will both easily beat Intel’s i7 6900K at stock speeds with the R15 benchmark, the information published directly from the ADM’s official presentations. Rayzen 1600X, the cheaper one will even manage to overtake Intel’s i7 7700K.

News says that, as the computer games or the gaming market is growing higher, AMD’s Ryzen at this market is planning to attract PC game lovers to take away from Intel rigs. Which shows that AMD is once again near to be being a threat for Intel properly. To do so Ryzen should be increased clock speeds and the power consumption as well.

With Zen architecture, AMD has renovated its processor architecture to make it more reliable, efficient and capable of dealing more task per cycle.

AMD further, confirms that Ryzen is able to do 40% extra work per clock cycle, as compare to previous Excavator core. Interestingly, power consumption per cycle rests same.

This new architecture is best for the simultaneously Multi-Threading that is similar to Intel’s Hyper-threading system. Which is a great to get manage multi-tasking and better distribution. It will be performing through the 8-core which can handle 16 threads.

The Speed-boost technology is extremely smart, which provides 25MHz steps without any latency, says AMD. Also, there is a functionality of Extended Frequency Range (EFR), an automatic overclocking system which will take the processor in cool condition automatically.

Neural Net Prediction system has been evolved to enhance the speed of the CPU, will be doing through pre-loading instructions and selecting the best way from the CPU. Since CPU has the right prediction, it has needless to wait for information to be loaded.

AMD has promised, “Once you buy the Ryzen processors you are buying it for years and years”. It has a new AM4 platform which brings all of the new technologies that user would expect, such as DDR4 RAM, USB3.1 Gen 2, PCI-E Gen 3, SATA Express and NVMe.

Feature of Ryzen Processor

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When is the Ryzen lunching?

The news from the media says that Ryzen 7 for desktops will start shipping from the early march, may be during the Game Developers Conference (GDC), which has come from the AMD’s latest earning call for investors.

“I think we have Ryzen launching in early March, and then we will have Vega, our enthusiast GPU, launching in the second quarter”, says the CEO of AMD, Lisa Su. So we can hope to get latest processors with more capabilities sooner.

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