Do you know Interesting facts related to Mobile Phones? Find out Unknown Facts about Cell phones

To think of human life without using mobile phones are near to impossible. The users of mobile phones are growing rapidly day by day. At the beginning of the cell phones Motorola and Nokia were the top two manufacturers of mobile phones,

Presently, Nokia and Motorola are hugely overtaken by other popular brands such as Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi etc.

 The present ranking of popular mobile phone brands

According to the Q2 2016, top five mobile developers were Samsung (22.3%), Apple (12.9%), Huawei (8.9%), Oppo (5.4%), and Xiaomi (4.5%).  The ranking is predicted to remain same in 2017, as per their popularity.

Facts about mobile phones on the basis of their users

  • In 1973, Mr. Martin Cooper made the first call with mobile.
  • Nearly 80% population worldwide has mobile phones.
  • China is the largest manufacturer county of mobile phones, which covers 70% of the entire world.
  • Users of mobile phones are five times higher than of PCs.
  • It is unbelievable that users of the toothbrush are less than of mobile phones i.e. 3.5 billion and 4 billion respectively.
  • 74% users of the smartphone use their phone to deal with shopping, out of which 79% ultimately doing a purchase.
  • Around 90% of adults can reach their mobile without moving from one to another place, all the time.

According to sells and price.

  • You have to be proud if you ever used Nokia 1100 module, which was the largest electronic gadget sold ever in history, above 250 million pieces.
  • Apple sold more than 340,000 iPhones in 2012, i.e. approximately 4 per second
  • It is amazing to know that, expensive mobiles today are cheaper than the first mobile which cost $4000 in the US, in 1983.
  • The highest mobile bill paid ever is £142,000 by Celina Aarons.
  • The costliest phone in the world is iPhone 5 Black Diamond that costs $15 million. Which has made of 135 gram solid 24 karat gold, its chassis was inlaid with 600 white diamonds.
  • Mobile phone users mostly spend their time by playing games and on social networking (49% and 30% regularly).

Interesting or amazing facts

  • Many people are unknown of the waterproof phone and very few have it worldwide, however, in Japan around 90% mobile phones are water proof.
  • It may sound wired but scientists develop a system, which allows you to charge the phone by using urine.
  • It is shocking, that mobile phone generates18 times more bacteria than toilet does.
  • Radiation from mobile phone causes Headaches, confusion, Insomnia and other different medical problems.
  • Above 100,000 mobiles are dropped down in restroom every year in Britain.
  •  China is the largest manufacturer county of mobile phones, which covers 70% of the entire world.
  • It takes only 3 minutes after delivery to read, more than 90% of text messages.
  • The fastest growing industries in the world are of Mobile phones.
  • As per Guinness World Records, Sonim XP3300 Force is the toughest phone. That survived 84ft drop without having any functional damage.

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