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Amazing Facts about Actor Kyle MacLachlan

April 12, 2018
First published on:April 12, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

An American actor, Kyle MacLachlan is best known as Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks. He first appeared as Paul Atreides in the film Dune and was popular among his fans as a man with a baby face. Right below check out five amazing facts you need to know about Kyle MacLachlan.


Yakima, Washington born, Kyle was introduced to stage acting by his mother. His mother was a director of a youth theater program for teenagers. Stick with us to know more about Kyle MacLachlan.

Five facts you need to know about Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlan was born on 22nd February 1959 in Yakima, Washington. He has two younger brothers; Craig and Kent Jr. Kyle completed his graduation from Eisenhower High School and his graduation from the University of Washington with a BFA- Bachelor of Fine Arts in drama.

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5. Kyle MacLachlan- Wanted to be an Opera Singer

In an interview with This much I know, Kyle said that he originally wanted to be an opera singer. He even studied classical voice at the University of Washington, but after a certain period, he realized that he didn’t have the instrument or the discipline.

CAPTION: Kyle MacLachlan- Wanted to be an Opera Singer SOURCE: Toon Vectors

He later realized that the path of the journey of the opera singer is more difficult than that of an actor. This was the reason that he didn’t choose the way towards being an Opera singer.

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4. Kyle MacLachlan- Creature of Travel

Kyle is a creature of Travel, but it’s not his habit. If he spends more than two weeks in any one place, he becomes stir-crazy. When Kyle was asked about his best holiday, then he replied that he had his best holiday in honeymoon with his wife.

CAPTION: Kyle MacLachlan- Creature of Travel

He even said that it was the best of the Europe tour. But he hates something about the holiday. What? Well, as he is a creature of travel, he hates that they never last long enough.

3. Kyle MacLachlan’s mother died of Ovarian cancer

In 1986, Kyle’s mother died at the age of 53 because of ovarian cancer. Kyle was devastated cause she was the one who encouraged him to be an actor. His mother had been diagnosed while he was filming Dune in 1983.

CAPTION: Kyle MacLachlan’s mother died of Ovarian cancer SOURCE:

As his father was still with him but shortly before Blue Velvet was released. Later, his father died because of post-surgical complication. After the death of his mother and father, Kyle was completely broken.

2. Kyle MacLachlan- Living a happy married life

Kyle MacLachlan is living a happy married life with wife Desiree Gruber. She is the chief executive officer of the public relationship, management, and production agency. She is also the 8-time Emmy-nominated creator and executive producer.

CAPTION: Kyle MacLachlan- Living a happy married life with Desir SOURCE: Instagram

They have been living together since 2002, and after five years of their marriage, they gave birth to their son; Callum Lyon Maclaughlin. They are living a happy married life without any extra material affair or dating.

1. Kyle MacLachlan- Net Worth

Well, the Golden Globe Award winner, Kyle has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Starting his career since 1984, he is able to collect such a huge amount of money from his acting career.

Kyle has worked with a high profile actors like David Lynch from Dune(1984) to Blue Velvet(1986). He has many homes and listed one of his English country style house for lease at $25,000 per month.

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