Amanda Holden talks about the babies she's lost.

May 8, 2016
First published on:May 8, 2016
by HitBerry

The longest standing judge of Britain’s Got talent Amanda Holden seems to be a very strong lady who has overcome the situation of losing her two babies.

Though we have not experienced the thing but it feels very dreadful even to think about the fact of losing one’s baby. Holden expressed that losing of two babies has strengthened her up. Her bond with co-judge of the show BGT, Simon Cowell has helped extremely.

Amanda stated-

“We’ve gone from having a massive laugh about things, to both going through very personal things that have been horrendous. But we’ve supported each other in that, and come out the other end.”

In her autobiography, Holden has disclosed that after being pregnant with her husband Chris Hughes, the couple lost their baby at 16 weeks. And after trying next time, the baby expected by them died and she would have to deliver a stillborn baby.

Holden wrote-

“I rubbed noses with him, smelled his face and his neck and just cried and cried.”

Holden had to endure tragic moments in her life but after overcoming that nightmare like incidents, now she is blessed with three babies.


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