Amanda Freitag Husband-Less life a Question at her Sexuality, Take a look at her Career and Net Worth

March 12, 2018
First Published On: February 16, 2017

Amanda Freitag is a well-known chef from New York, America who is also known as a judge on the TV cooking competition Chopped. Amanda is not married yet and living a single life in New York at the time.


She was never involved in any kind of love affairs which create doubts about her sexuality. Is she straight by her sexuality? Or she is a lesbian? Let's know more about her sexuality facts and more about her career in cooking.

What is Amanda Freitag's Sexuality?

Living a single life until your old age is not so interesting for all. Almost everyone wants someone loving and caring in their life so people often involved in a love affair or they get married.

The very famous chef Amanda Freitag Famous chef Amanda Freitag      Source: Serious Eats

 She is very active in media and social sites and she often shares her important life events on it but she has never posted anything which can indicate that she is in a relationship. As per sources, she was never linked with anyone in the affair.

Analyzing this fact, various questions have raised regarding her sexuality. None of the sites have mentioned anything regarding her sexuality.

We can't call her a lesbian as she was never seen in a link up with any girl so it is pretty confusing matter, however, it can be predicted that she is straight by her sexuality.

CAPTION: Amanda Freitag SOURCE: Instagram

Know about Amanda Freitag's career in cooking and TV

Amanda started working as a chef de cuisine at Cesca restaurant after its opening and later in 2008, she swaps to an executive chef position at The Harrison. She left The Harrison in September 2010 after working there for just 2 years.

She also worked with Empire Diner as an executive chef where she started working in 2014 and after one and a half later she left her job.

She once told to the food network that she would have become an artist or a performer if she wasn't in food. She also said that she loved the instant gratification of making people happy with her work.

Besides her involvement as a chef, she has been a frequent judge on the culinary game show Chopped since its first season in 2009. Her work as a judge on the show ultimately gained her a huge popularity in the media mass.

Being a professional chef, she took part in The Next Iron Chef Season 2 where she finished in the fourth place. She again participated in the same competition in 2012 season where she lost the title to Alexandra Guarnaschelli.

What is Amanda Freitag's net worth?

Amanda had a very good career as a chef and she also showed her versatility as a judge for the TV shows. These works gave her a good appellation while along with it, she also earned a good amount of salary which adds up to her whopping net worth.

As per some sources, Amanda's estimated net worth is around $3 million.

If you want to know Amanda more personally and if you want to follow her activities, you can follow her on some social sites like Instagram and Twitter where she often posts about her daily works, sometimes about her outings, tour etc.