Adam Oates facing trouble in married life, Oates and wife Donna going through tough times

HitBerryPublished on   14 Aug, 2016Updated on   23 Apr, 2017

Adam Oates, the hockey legend, has recently been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. He was the former head coach of the New Jersey Devils. He has just retired from hockey at the end of the 2014 -15 seasons.

He has also recently come back into the spotlight after rumors began to surface of him and his wife hitting a rough patch in their marriage.

However, Adam has dispelled all such rumors. Sources close to the pair have said “He and his wife are very happy together and are looking forward to a life of retirement”.

Rumors on Adam

People close to him have severely criticized the rumor voicing their thoughts by saying “they have been married over twenty years now.

And out of the blue, people want them to start a row and dispute among themselves, especially when now they have more time to themselves than they ever had .It’s just sad to see people spread such rumors “.

Adam has been married to his wife Donna for over twenty years. Prior to their marriage, he and Donna were dating for around three years.  He has two children with Donna and both have been known to be wonderful parents.

Adam, on a professional scale, was regarded as one of the finest coaches the sporting world had seen in decades. As a player before turned coach, Adam played in a total of 19 seasons with several of the best teams in the NHL. He was known for his elite and precise playmaking skills. Many have said that the level of skill possessed by Adam was world class.

As a player, he was known for his assist and has the fifth highest total in all of NHL history. Teammates of his from various teams have said he was an artist at heart and it was simply beautiful to watch him go at and create master pieces time and again on the ice.

Adam's early life

Adam was a Ice Hockey Prodigy while growing up and was a stand-out player in high school and college alike. The records he set as a teenager and a young adult in high school and college remain to this day. He also holds the record for most points scored by any player in the history of NHL.

As soon as he retired as a player, he began coaching and was assistant coach for the Tampa Bay Lighting team of San Francisco. After gaining all the experience he could in the west, he moved east as the head coach of New Jersey Devils.

Adam has had an illustrious career on the Ice and has already managed to get a legendary status from fans and authorities alike.

Unfortunately, Adam is not into social media and does not hold a profile in any of the social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. His only forms of communicating with his fans are via interviews and radio sit-ins.

His net worth remains undisclosed.

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