Allison Scagliotti talks about her new TV show "Stichers". Also, is Scagliotti hiding a boyfriend from us?

July 28, 2015
First Published On: July 28, 2015
by HitBerry

The Drake and Josh actress Allison Scagliotti  is enjoying her dominance on television right now. The Nickelodeon star aged 24 who gained prominence as Claudia on the SyFy series Warehouse 13, is currently working as the second lead in ABC’s new show "Stitchers".

The glamorous actress, who is on a tight schedule working on the set of the show, spilled a few beans about the upcoming twists in her new TV show.

In a recent interview with online magazine, Allison spoke about possible spoilers in the upcoming episodes of the series.  She said that her character Camille will discover a secret about her room-mate Kristen (Emma Istha). She will learn that Kristen has a secret boyfriend who she’s been hiding from the rest of the Stitchers crew. With this, Stitchers story gets weirder and darker than we have expected.

Allison seems to be surrounded by lots of other extraordinary characters in the new TV show. The hot bombshell is showing off her charms alongside her co-star Emma Istha, who is the main protagonist of the show. Their characters are often surrounded by out-of-the-ordinary talents and science geeks. Camille and Kristen are room-mates who end up becoming involved in weird stuffs.

As Allison opened the secret about Kristen’s super-hot boyfriend who was hidden from all of us, what about her? Is Allison hiding someone from us too?

She might be, as this sexy young woman is a dream girl for hundreds of thousands of men. Her beauty has lured many. It’s not that hard to speculate that thousands of men fantasize about her and would die to be her other-half. So how many of you know about her love life? Is she currently dating someone? If yes, whom? And if not, why?

Despite several speculations about her personal love life, many have struggled to find the right information about it. If we check her dating history, then we’ll have nothing. The actress is so discreet about her private life that we hardly have any info and knowledge about whom she is dating right now. She has remained tight lipped about her love life. Unlike other Hollywood celebrities, who love sharing their private life with the general public, she tries to stay away from all the buzz and gossips.

As we all know that, it is nearly impossible to maintain a quiet life in the show biz, this wonder-girl has really made us wonder by remaining hushed-up about her romantic life.

She is hardly seen going out with any men. After her break up with Josh Peck, her name has not been linked up with anyone yet and she seems to be enjoying being single.This sexy actress is more focused on her career than romance and does not have any intention of getting married right away. 

The Glendale Community College graduate started her professional acting career at age 11 in a pilot that starred Chevy Chase. She has appeared as a guest star onTV shows like CSI, Smallville, Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth. She is best known for her roles on One Tree Hill and Drake and Josh. She is a published writer and a poet.

Talking about her hot figure, Allison Scagliotti has slender measurements. Her body shape is usually referred to as banana because of her slim and petite physique. She is tall with a height of 5.7 ft.

The One Tree Hill fame is very much active on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter where she promotes Stitchers frequently