Allegedly Lesbian, Becky Hammon And Tony Parker's Dating Rumors Bombarding Twitter, Married?

HitBerryPublished on   22 Feb, 2017Updated on   03 May, 2021

The real name of Becky Hammon is Rebecca Lynn "Becky" Hammon. She is a retired professional basketball player and an assistant coach of the National Basketball Association for the San Antonio Spurs.

Becky is the first female full- time coach of National basketball Association. She was hired by the San Antonio Spur for the NBA Season 2014- 2015. This is actually a really proud and inspiring moment for every girl out there. Know more about the topic.

Becky Hammon and Tony Parker's Dating Rumors Bombarding Twitter

Becky Hammon actually is the very first and formal female full- time coach and she was hired for the NBA season 2014- 15 by the San Antonio Spur. We, everybody, know that there is a certain portion of people in the world who is always there to let you down.

Becky Hammon

Becky Hammon

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It was actually a very inspiring and proud act for every woman right there. Even though the act was a history making event, people started passing negative comments. The Twitter user directly pointed out Tony Parker that he would be behaving selfish and will irresponsibly try to have the relationship with his new coach Becky Hammon.

Tony Parker and Becky Hammon

Tony Parker and Becky Hammon

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All the rumors started as Tony was previously had an affair while he was married to actress Eva Longoria. People started claiming that he might not have changed his cheating habits thus will definitely be having an affair with Becky. On one of Eva's interview, she claimed that Tony had hundreds of text messages with another woman.

Is Tony Parker Married?

If you are confused about what's Tony Parker's relationship at the moment, then he is a married man now. After numerous affairs and rumors, he is now married to French journalist Axelle Francine. Before tying the knot, the couple first dated for around 2 years. It is believed that the couple started dating since 2011.

Right after a year of their engagement on June 2013, the couple got married on 1st August 2014. It's been around two and half years, the couple is sharing their marital life. The couple is blessed with a child. Axelle gave birth to their first child son, Josh Parker on April 30, 2014.

Tony Parker with his wife Axelle Francine

Tony Parker with his wife Axelle Francine

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Let's talk about his past affairs too, Tony Parker was once engaged plus married to American actress Eva Longoria. The couple started dating since NOVEMBER 2004. Later after dating two years, the couple got engaged on 30th November 2006. The couple got married on 7th July 2007. Later, Eva found out that her husband was cheating on her with numerous texts from another woman thus the couple got divorced in November 2010.

Tony also once had an encounter with Erin Barry in 2010. He has also been involved in the relationship with Alexandra Paressant in 2007 followed by Barbara Morel in 2011.

Tony Parker with his ex- wife Eva Longoria

Tony Parker with his ex- wife Eva Longoria

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Well, some pictures don't need explanations, right?

It just appears as though that the pair is up for a long-term commitment here; or maybe not, the most difficult thing about celebrities is that you can't really read them. They show up not the way we think they do.