All you need to know about Dean Norris in 'Breaking Bad'

HitBerryPublished on   29 May, 2016Updated on   27 May, 2021

Henry R. Hank Schrader commonly known as Hank Schrader is the role on the AMC series Breaking Bad portrayed by the spectacular American actor Dean Norris.

Norris as Schrader is the brother -in-law of main character Walter White.

In the series, Schrader is the leader to lead the investigation of the methamphetamine cook ‘Heisenberg’. He was unaware that the top dog of the elusive drug was his own brother-in-law.

Norris has got critical acclaim over his character’s development and his performance.

Executive of the series Vince Gilligan talks about creating Schrader’s character-

"I guess you have a certain look, it's kind of an authoritative law enforcement-type look, and that look is certainly the first thing that people cast you with before you get a chance to do some acting."

NPR writes about Norris’ character evolution-

"Hank Schrader has evolved from a knuckleheaded jock into a complex, sympathetic and even heroic counterpoint to the show's anti-hero, [...] Walter White."