All the nasty details on Joe Flanigan's divorce with ex-wife Katherine Kousi and custody battle for kids

HitBerryPublished on   25 Aug, 2015Updated on   25 Aug, 2015

Last year was hell for Stargate Atlantis star Joe Flanigan. Him and his wife of seventeen years, Katherine Kousi, split up and she even filed for legal separation in court. She cited irreconcilable differences as the main reason behind their break up.

His former wife then asked for the physical custody of the couple’s three sons and even expressed her desire that she wanted her estranged husband to bear all her legal bills. She wanted the sole custody of their children, but said that Joe was free to give the boys a visit every once in a while.

According to an exclusive report prepared by TMZ, the mother of three didn’t originally feel generous as she wanted to forbid the court from awarding Joe any money. That is so mean, isn’t it?

So, after taking a brief look at all the details of the pair’s separation, one can come to a conclusion that Kousi had made all the preparation of the things she would do and say, once the matter was in the court. Her attitude towards her husband proves that she really was/is hard on him.

Though the couple has said that they were splitting up because of irreconcilable differences, we are sure that there is something more that resulted in the breaking up of their seventeen years long marriage. After all, marriage is a house of cards. It takes extremely long time to build, but once it is shaped and done, a simple blow of wind can bring everything crashing down.

Flanigan and his wife might try their best to hide from the media and public, but we always get hold of hidden information from our trusty source. One of these sources, who has been following the news of the couple, has finally revealed the real reason behind their nasty break up.

The insider has it that the couple was having problems in their married life from a very long time. But they both kept mum as their sons were still quite young back then. The actor was going through a hell of a time with his painter wife, mostly because of money.

The informant said: “Katherine was mostly worried about money. Being a painter, her income is not regular while Joe has estimated net worth of $11 million. She has been quite dependent on him for money and everything.

“So she wanted to leave Joe a few years ago, because he didn’t spend much on her. He wanted to save as much as he can for his three children.”

“But he didn’t want to have a divorce because he had had a bitter childhood when his father left his mother right after his birth,” explained the source.

It added: “Joe has his share of experience of a father who abandoned him as an infant, so he tried his best to convince her to stay. He stopped her from ending their marriage several times, but she would not listen to him anymore.

The insider also claimed that Kousi is asking for alimony and custody of the children because she wanted to rob Joe off his children and his hard earned money. It added that she wanted to receive as much financial support from him as she can because she could not really take care of the kids with her income.

The former partners married after a couple of years of dating each other. The divorce between the couple has still not been finalized.

Joe, who appeared in several movies hasn’t been seen with any girlfriend lately. According to his Twitter handle, he is currently in Iceland, enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.