All about Roofing Shingles, it's types including an estimation of overall Roofing cost

March 18, 2018
First Published On: July 9, 2017
by HitBerry

As we all know houses are the biggest investment in anyone’s life.  And no one will like to compromise in the process of getting their dream house. As the roof is one of the most costly components in any house it should be bought after an extensive research.


Here we have tried to include all roofing that is available in the market with an estimated price as well as with its good and bad aspects. So, without further delay let’s find you a suitable roofing for your leaking roof.

Asphalt Shingles

Average cost: $100 – $150 per shingle

Cost to install: $1,700 – $8,400

Among various Shingles, the most affordable as well as common in use shingles are asphalt shingle which costs around $100 to $150.

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So what are the things we need to keep in consideration before buying Asphalt shingle?

There are many essential facts that come with the decision of buying shingles. As asphalt roofing comes in different styles, size and color you should consider the color that suits your home and its best to get a good asphalt shingle with a thick color coating as it protects the harmful components of petroleum by-product made Asphalt harm your health. Some other Asphalt shingles include fiberglass and organic shingles as well.

CAPTION: Asphalt Shingles SOURCE: The Spruce

Furthermore, If you are willing to spend a little more on being energy conscious then you should consider getting an energy star slandered shingle which will save you energy bills.

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Sparks of Asphalt Roofing:

Asphalt roofing’s best part is, it is durable, easy to repair and cost-effective. Other than being cost effective it comes in various colors and sizes and some of the common color asphalt roofing includes Charcoal, Slate, Weathered Wood and Bark wood.

CAPTION: Installation of Roofing Shingles SOURCE: Best Image Voixmag

Affordable and durable Asphalt roofing does have some shortcomings. It is reported to have a very harmful substance called Arsenic which is believed to cause cancer in the long run. Along with that, it’s another drawback is instability in extreme environments as it cracks with the sudden rise or fall in the temperature and can be used only on steep slopes.

CAPTION: Roof replacement SOURCE: Infinity Roofing Contractors

It needs safe disposal as it produces toxic gases while burning which affects the environment. So you should go through MOE’s approval along with the municipality’s approval to burn it.

The process of repairing Shingles

If you are about to replace Asphalt shingle, you have to lift it and add roofing cement underneath and add more cement after it is placed safely on the roof.

CAPTION: Shingle Roof Replacement SOURCE: Today's Homeowner

After it is stable on the roof add roofing nails to fix it. You may also use metal flashing underneath the roof shingles which prevents water from getting in from roof decks.

Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles:

A more reliable modern-day asphalt roofing should be Fiberglass Asphalt Shingle which is a little costly but more durable. Fiberglass asphalt shingles are made from a fiberglass base mat and coated with waterproof color.

CAPTION: Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles SOURCE: Outer Banks Renovations

The fiberglass is made of overlapping wet fiberglass with the use of urea-formaldehyde adhesive to bind it together. Afterward, the mat receives the coating of asphalt blended with a variety of mineral fillers to make the shingle waterproof.

The Average cost to install the fiberglass Asphalt roofing ranges from $3,500 to $8,000.

When are you paying a little extra for fiberglass roofing what additional features do you get?

Fiber Glass Asphalt roofs are considered as one of the best roofing solutions available in the market for a variety of reasons and here are some of them.

CAPTION: Weather resistant Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles SOURCE: Oklahoma City Roofing Contractors

It is Lightweight compared to normal asphalt Shingles. It is also Fire-resistant and has a longer warranty. Even if it is slightly more costly than normal Asphalt roof it is still not expensive compared to other roofs. Moreover, it is also resistant to UV rays and is super durable.

Organic Shingles:

Organic asphalt shingles or felt mat shingles are originally made mixing recycled cardboard, wood chips, rags and paper with Asphalt polymers. Organic Shingles are considered to be Waterproof, less harmful compared to normal Asphalt roofs.

It also has some flaws which made it lose its popularity. So let’s quickly discuss its drawbacks:

Organic Shingles are Heavier than fiberglass shingles. Though it lasts longer than Normal Asphalts, it is not as durable as fiber shingles. It can be pretty dangerous if it somehow catches fire and is inexpensive compared to Normal Shingles and Fiber shingles.

Tile Shingles

If you opt for a colonial Spanish or Mediterranean style home then tiles can be the best option to look for. Among all Shingles, Tiles are the most attractive ones. They are expensive but is a great option to make your house look elegant and at the same time shows how eco-concerned and energy concerned you are.

CAPTION: Tile Roof SOURCE: Angie's List

It is easy to style and can be cut in various different shapes, tiles singles often come in a light color which resist heat from entering your home. The average cost of tile shingle is around $300 – $700 per square and has an installation cost of around $10 to 14 thousand.

Tiles are visually appealing and super enduring. Tile shingles can last for around 80 years or more, which is the main reason for tile shingles to be expensive. Usually, the warranty for tiles is longer than that of a usual Shingle.

Wait a minute, being expensive not always mean that it is the wisest choice for your home. It does have some problems. Some of the common problems with this particular Shingles are leaks, small cracks or holes deposit of dirt in the corners etc.

Tile roof repair and Easy fix:

You can always rely on the roofing cement when it comes to small cracks on your roof. Plastic roofing cement can be the best option. If the crack is smaller than you can seal or join the cracks easily.

Prying up and replacing the broken tile is the best option or you can use roofing cement or glue to fill up the cracks which may save you some bucks as well.

Wood Shingles

Wooden roof defines true luxury. These Shingles can be placed somewhere between affordable asphalt shingles and tile shingles. It’s considerately the most eco-friendly shingle in comparison to all other available options. Though it not as durable as Tile roofing, it still lasts more than 50 years for sure.

The best part of having a wooden roof is; it is the most energy-efficient roofing option as it doesn’t let the heat pass into your house. The average cost per square ranges from $400 – $700 and overall cost of installation of wood roofing may range from $7000 to $15000 dollars. As it is organic you may not have as many options to choose from in concern to color. It is widely available in two basic colors cedar and redwood.

CAPTION: Wooden roof destroyed by moss and debris SOURCE: PNW Handbooks

With good things, comes some consciences. One of the biggest drawbacks of wood shingles is they rot with the passage of time and are more likely to catch fire. Other factors like the growth of mosses, termite attacks, and molds can destroy your roof so you will have to take care of your expensive roof.

Nailing the wooden roof may also be a problem as it easily lets the nail in, but if installed improperly, you may keep facing the problem of leakage from gaps and the company restricts any warranty for improperly installed Shingles which a straight loss.

Metal Roofing

A metal roof cannot be an option for steep or flat roofs. But for inclined roofs, it can be the best option as it is affordable and eco-friendly. As it is made of solid and galvanized metal, it is both durable and enduring.

CAPTION: Beautiful House With a Metal Roof SOURCE: Hitberry

Other than that, it is also a cost-friendly roofing method as its average cost ranges from $100 to $1000 per square whereas a full installation may come around $2000 to $15000. It looks elegant, it’s more affordable and comes in various shapes and sizes as well. If taken proper care these metal roofs last for several decades.

Though it is one of the best option available in the market it does comes with many problems. The first problem that a metal roofing may have is over-heating which increases cooling charges.

CAPTION: Rusted Roof SOURCE: American Roof Repair

It may be affected by rust and are noisy on rainy days.  Made from metals like iron, copper, tin, zinc and aluminum metal roofs can curl up around the edges and it may face the problem of loose nails, rusting and leakage. The rusty roof certainly makes your beautiful home look uglier.

Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are the toughest shingles available in the market. It is known to last anywhere from 80 to 100 years. It is from years known for its best water resistant and damage proofing properties and is a perfect option for frigid winter temperatures. You can even choose Slate from various range of colors and some commonly available color for slate shingles are: green, black, gray and red.

CAPTION: Slate Roofing SOURCE: HomeAdvisor

But wait, you can’t just decide if you want these shingles before considering various factors of Slate. Slate shingles are pretty pricey compared to other shingles. It costs around $200 to $600 per square and the total installation can be estimated to cost around $5000 to $25000, which makes it pretty expensive to repair as there are very few companies that deal with slate shingle and its repairing materials. Your house may not handle the weight of super heavy slate shingles.

It costs around $200 to $600 per square and the total installation can be estimated to cost around $5000 to $25000, which makes it super pricey to repair as there are very few companies that deal with slate shingle and its repairing materials. Your house may not handle the weight of super heavy slate shingles.

CAPTION: A house in Atlanta GA with Slate Roofing SOURCE: Black Diamond Slate

Repairing simple issues like flashing replacement and fixing the fasteners will require professional help as well. If you try to repair it yourself, it may invite some serious injuries because it is super heavy and slippery as well.

When you own a slate shingle roof, you will need to deal with repairs like flashing replacement, replacing slate tiles because of weather conditions or fixing fasteners. In most cases, you will need to rely on a slate shingle professional for these repairs. Because these materials are so heavy to deal with, there is a serious risk of personal injury if you try to DIY repairs.

So, here we dealt with a few of commonly used Roofing Shingles in details with its good and bad aspects. Now it’s up to you to decide which of the above roofing will fit your needs properly.

Note: The cost of roofing may differ according to place and other factor such labor charges and much more can differ with the difference in geography.  So, we suggest you visit the stores around you and determine what fit’s your home the most. This is all about roofs and its kind. Stay we us as we are about to give you more on taking care of your home.