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All about Model/Actress Amy Manson's almost non-existent dating and her past boyfriends

September 28, 2015
First published on:September 28, 2015
by John

Amy Manson is one of the most beautiful actresses to come out of Scotland in the recent years. She has been voted the hottest female celebrity in Scotland for the year 2014. She is also known for her athletic abilities as also rumored to be doing all of her stunts herself. She has already established herself as a promising talent and has moved to America in hopes for landing Major roles.

Amy is known to be a woman who is solely focused on her career and hasn’t been known to be in relationships and often avoids the drama that comes with it. However, there was an actor briefly linked to Amy in the year 2009 – her co star from the hot TV show The Bill Ben turner. The duo were seen together a number of times going out for dinners and accompanying each other for premiers and award ceremonies.

They arrived as a pair at The Inside Soap Awards and Turner was clinging on to Amy the whole time. They were seen gazing into each other’s eyes deeply with no concern whatsoever about the surroundings that was packed with over three hundred celebrities. They were seen in other parts of the world vacationing with their friends in Spain and Italy. When asked about the extent of their relationship, they both have failed to answer. It is still difficult to determine whether they were dating or just close acquaintances.

Apart from her clandestine relationship with Turner, she was also rumored to be dating her co-star Aidan Turner while filming the series Being Human. They were seen together throughout the filming and even after. Reportedly, Aiden had introduced Amy has his girlfriend to his friends and Amy did not have any problem with it.

Aiden was also seen driving Amy to and from work on a daily basis. They were also seen going for yoga classes and to massage parlors, walking hand in hand. They seemed to have some kind of warmth between them.  Amy and Aiden were seen together for almost the whole of 2009. The following year however saw both of them drifting in separate directions. Eventually, they were no longer seen together anymore, just like that.

Amy is a phenomenal actress. Though, she was rumored to be from a modeling background. When rumors had begun to sprout about Amy having come from a modeling career, she dispelled all of them by saying ”I was learning Theater and not walking on the catwalk”. She is just thirty years of age and has said that, now in her thirties, she intends to do some serious movies. She has a moderate height and is known for her long legs. She stands at 5ft7 inches .

Amy is known for her performance in series like Atlantis, Being Human, Casualty and most recently for having a recurring role in the hit US TV show Once Upon a Time.


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