All about Janet McTeer and her husband Joe Coleman's marriage and their family life

HitBerryPublished on   01 Sep, 2015Updated on   01 Sep, 2015

Janet McTeer and Joseph Coleman both have their individual professional career and they are both quite successful in their respective fields. They are one of the most loved and admired couple in Hollywood. Despite being very much in love with each other, the couple’s field of work is totally different. Janet McTeer is an Academy Award nominee actress with several major awards and honors under her belt, whereas her other half Joseph aka Joe Coleman is an American painter, illustrator and performance artist. Their career and field might be class apart but there is something that connects the film industry with art. Acting is itself a form of the art. So this might be the reason why the power couple of Hollywood is rocking their married life so well. The similarities and connections between their separate careers might be why the couple eventually got hitched.

Very few people know that Janet and Joe have actually been married since five years. It is not an easy task to dig out the scoops of the personal lives of Hollywood celebs like Janet. The couple likes to keep their personal matters within a closed circle. They prefer keeping their private affairs inside the four walls of their house. Not everybody likes to publicize their life, do they?

The lives of this couple is so hushed up that there are barely any information about them. There are many who have tried to dig into the lives of the Tony Award winning actress and her artist husband in order to find out the secrets and tantalizing gossips of about their married life. Media and paparazzo have followed them on several occasions. But they have all returned empty handed, unable to get any worthy news about the pair.

There is very less information about the duo’s marriage and their family life. But we do know that the couple are happily married to each other and there is no hint of any sort of problem in their married life. They seem very happy together and share a peaceful life with Coleman’s 12 year old son Joe.

Joe, or shall we call Joe Coleman Jr., is Joe’s son. But it is not sure whether Janet is the boy’s biological mother. The Tumbleweeds fame and Coleman have been married for the past five years and Joe is already 12. Due to the lack of proper information, it is quite difficult to say whether Coleman was married previously or Janet gave birth to Joe years before couple’s marriage when they were dating as boyfriend and girlfriend. But no matter what, one thing is crystal clear, the couple is very much into each other. The couple do not have any other children. 

The artist husband of the actress, while speaking to last year said how he split his time between New York City and the coast of Maine. He revealed that he had a beautiful Post and Beam house which he shared with his beautiful wife and son. He said that the family of three spent time tending blueberry and rose bushes and fishing.

The loyal husband accompanies his wife to most of the award shows, showing his support for her. The devoted wife, who has a net worth of $4 million, is also seen with her partner whenever he needs her support.

Now that’s what we call a strong marriage!!