All about footballer Shaq Thompson: his stats, contracts, injury, and alleged girlfriend

December 2, 2015
First Published On: December 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Carolina Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson is one of the most sought after talent in NFL today. Standing at a height of 6 feet and arm length of 33 inches, many of his fans and experts alike, believe he was born to play football.  The footballer, who turned pro in 2015, is often considered the most versatile player in NFL today.

This player has unmatched diversity. He can play inside and outside as a linebacker. He has the athleticism and movement of a running back. He can glide laterally gap to gap when playing inside. He has an instinctive vision to make a big play. He is like a magnet to the ball when he is in pursuit of space.

Thompson started his playing career in Grant Union High School. Totaling over 15 touchdowns on 120 carries and passing 893 yards as a senior, he quickly drew attention to himself.  With the ability to perform the defensive role and start an offensive move, Thompson rose as one of the best rookie throughout the country.

Football star Thompson also has an outstanding baseball playing ability. He was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 2012 MLB draft and played for Sox’s Rookie Level team. However at the end of 2012, he decided to end his baseball career to give his full focus to Football

Even before signing for a MLB franchise, Thompson was considered a 5 star recruit by The site ranked him 1st in safety and 3rd in overall prospect among all the rookies throughout the country. Thompson famously bench pressed 22 reps of 225 pounds in the “pro day” of his high school.  Thompson started his college football career at University of California, Berkeley, but later changed his team to play for University of Washington in January of 2012.

After winning several state level honors in his college football career, Thompson went pro in 2015. Carolina Panthers reportedly offered him 8.8 million dollars contract for four year. He takes home an average salary of $435000 a year at this time. Shaq Thompson has already made 28 tackles in his short time in NFL. The linebacker is only 21 years old right now and his contract with Carolina Panther is expected to get better in coming years.

Shaq Thompson gets in touch with his fans through his social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Earlier this year, the linebacker posted a photo with his stylist on his Instagram account. His stylist was also his date for his brother's wedding. This has given rise to rumors that he is currently dating his sylist. However, the player has not yet denied or confirmed if he is really dating her.

The linebacker is currently sidelined because of a knee injury and is expected to return soon.